Time Management in Entry Test

Time files! You might have heard of it several times but you would experience it in its true form on the test day. And at that time while you race your horses against time you need to make sure you’re on the right track, at the right pace and in control, otherwise this rush would just turn out to be a “reinvention of the wheel” at the end.

Though you might have had one odd experience of such a time limited test before, but this test comes with more pressure constraints since it’s the first step towards your first professional life and would be a little different and something that you must take serious and prepare for beforehand. If you don’t make the most out of it; then …… “Good bye! See you next year :)” Any ways, assuming that you have applied for the test and got a test date and time, you’ll need to pay heed to some advice that will allow you to swiftly apply your learning and preparation in time. These are a bit general rules and you’ll find them in most of the time management related literature. You may find it useful throughout your life whenever you sit for a time constrained testing in addition to NUST entry test.

1. Get yourself in the proper frame of mind

It’s really necessary that you’re mentally prepared for the test. Just as if athletes train themselves and amass their spirits and training in a solitary tweak of courage and strength just before the race starts, you might necessary need something similar. This sudden amalgamation of positive feelings will enable you to execute your abilities with speed and accuracy. The most efficient of such enabling techniques would be to say your favorite prayers and rebuild your trust in GOD. Let loosen your mind with all tensions and don’t let your feelings and emotions fly away with little things like “Oh! I forgot to see those formulae etc”. Just put your mind in a level of confidence, that, you have prepared all was necessary.

2. Replace nervousness with premeditated excitement

As already mentioned you need to shun your nervousness and tension, which is a natural thing, right before the test and replace it with relaxed feelings. But do not be extremely over confident and excited because over excitement may turn things upside down. Even if you’re fully prepared, just have a little petite thought of having a little hard time in the test. This will prepare you for questions that you won’t expect and won’t blow you away by wasting your time whilst you sit there with your hands on your head and saying “NO NO! It can’t be”.

3. Avoid too much concentration on the environment

Before and during the test, avoid putting your concentration in the environment around you. You might find some people or things around attractive to explore further :), but, this is not the appropriate time for it. Just concentrate and fully focus on the questions in the test. Sometimes people around you might indulge in lengthy arguments with the invigilator like “Sir! Is this question suppose to mean….. ”, don’t focus on such things because the invigilator did not make it. This doesn’t mean you make yourself an insensitive and totally numb dude, just pay attention to things announced in general for all the test takers etc. Moreover do keep watch and be conscious of any mischievous activities by test takers right besides you that may put you into trouble.

4. Avoid reading unnecessary details

There are certain lengthy details like the “code of conduct” “how to write your name, roll number etc” “what to avoid during test “and so on…. You must be aware of these beforehand because generally instructions and guidelines are provided to test takers when they register for test. If you still don’t know or haven’t gone through them, then check out posts related to it or simply the test guideline provided to you. However, I would still recommend here that you also don’t totally ignore it and have a bird’s eye view to account for any changes.

5. Keep track of time

While you are in the test taking phase, keep a reliable watch with you and keep track of time as to where you stand. It is usually a very bad habit not to bring a watch and ask the invigilator as to how much time is left. He would generally get annoyed with you asking quite often. In contrast, if you bring your own time keeping device you’re at a safe side. Also noticing the time on a wall mounted clock would be a bit time consuming than having something right beside you. If you feel your lagging behind and are left with a major portion of the test, you must speed up until you’re at a calculated pace. But don’t mess up during this pace keeping activity and have a control on your nerves.

6. Don’t get caught up in a single question

There might be some questions that demand more time than others. You must put in appropriate time for these. But do not spend too much time on a single question. I mean to say is that do not force yourself in a situation where you would be saying, “No matter what! I will solve this question even if all hell breaks loose”. Anyways the key point here is that some questions will be solved at an instant while others would take a moment. Make sure to gain time from the less time consuming questions and spend them in a calculated and wise manner in later category and never get yourself bogged down by tricky traps.

7. Don’t rush

The tests are usually made in a time constrained manner and majority of the people end up having a few questions left at the end at which they have to try their luck by guessing. And in case you are a normal human being with no exceptional super powers, then you’ll also end up like this. But don’t make it a burden on yourself in on trying to make a world record of finishing the test in very less time. Take your time and expect at least a minor number of questions at the end at which you would make a fast attempt. An endeavor to compulsively leave a lot of room at the end for revision would be sacrifice as to how confidently you have answered the questions. Also in such an attempt you will be forced to choose the very first option that you might think is the possible answer instead of carefully looking at all the choices. However, if by some mystery you solve all questions with some room for rechecking; do honor yourself with this chore.

8. Maintain your grip

No man is perfect, and if somehow this thing manifests itself by you being caught in a tricky question and having your time wasted, then, try to keep your nerves and focus on getting back to the same defined pace that you initially set. Remember it is also a test of keeping yourself calm and focused. If a at some moment you feel you have not well, just remember you can go back and start over again, but what you can do is to make a good end. So keep you move while the clock ticks.

9. Avoid time wastage in second guessing

If you have checked all options for a question and confidently selected an answer, then don’t force yourself after you proceed to the next one or at some other level that you might have answered it wrongly. All I mean to say here is that unnecessarily be double minded and confused when you know the answer. All it does is that you go back to the previous doubtful question and get stuck there. Now you are no more concentrated in the task you were doing or about to do and neither would you confidently correct your previous deed. So just make the task at hand as the spotlight.

10. Ignore certain voices in your head

At times certain voices may rise in your mind, the most general of which are “Hey! This is the simplest test I’ve ever seen in my life” or “What the heck! It’s extremely difficult”. Don’t get yourself washed away with these voices and don’t pay a heed to the fairies or the leprechaun’s word. Just make your mindset flow in a moderate and reasonable direction with intelligent rationalization and keep par from the mentioned extremes.

11. Be alert for the last call

When the exam is near its end, you might be in a little rush of completing the left over questions. To make sure that you complete things at time, be very vigilant for the last 5 or 10 minutes alarm. When you hear it, you know what to do, carefully complete the left over questions. In case there is no negative making you might want to take on guessing the answers or put random choices. And when the time of finish is just nearing, do the most important task! Yes, confirm your name and roll number because you don’t want to your effort to be rewarded to someone else or get astray in some pile of documents.

12. Maintain your energy level

Lastly! Get something that boosts your energy before the test. This may consist of some fruit drink or at least a glass of water .Otherwise without proper energy in your body, what goals can you expect when you’re on an important mission of your life? Also it might save on your time when you don’t need to go around the end of the room and make yourself comfortable with a glass of water. But nevertheless don’t starve yourself to some fatality for saving a fraction of time.

We strongly advise that you take Mock Tests to practice your entry test time management.

Source: http://irnustian.com/2011/07/time-management-in-entry-test/

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