ETEA Medical Test Pattern 2017

ETEA stands for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which was established in 1998 by the government of KPK. This agency is headed by the CM of the province and under his command Board of Governors works. Higher education Minister is also part of this agency.  Their results are valid in all public sector Medical colleges and Engineering Universities of the province.  ETEA test is MCQ’s based test consist of four subject Physics, Biology, English and Chemistry. ETEA test is very difficult and many of the students find it hard to pass this test in order to get admission in their desired Medical Colleges and Engineering Universities of KPK, so if you want to pass it you need to work very hard and guidance is also very important. ETEA test is tricky and the main reason behind failure of many students is that they are unable to manage their time efficiently. The ETEA Medical test is challenging and only a few of students are able score between 600 to 700 marks in the entry test. can help you with that, because we have different MOCK tests for ETEA which will help you in managing your time and also you are able to know the difficulty of the test so that you can make up your mind according to that. We have complete solution for your problems. You can get more than 15,000+ solved MCQ’s along with explanation on our website. We keep all your record so that you can see your performance and can compare yourself with thousands of other students who are also appearing in ETEA and preparing from the same website. To start your preparation Click here.

Sualeh Hassan, ETEA Medical Topper, (2016)


The sole purpose for which ETEA agency was formed is to undertake admission tests for engineering and medical on behalf of universities of the province. But as the time passes their scope increases and now they are looking focusing on establishing better standards and facilitating institutes of province to bring more efficiency and transparency.

Ahmed Asif Ayub College


Their test consists 200 MCQ’s and all of them are from the syllabus of FSC. They also have negative marking in their test. Each correct answer consist 4 marks, if you give wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted and if you leave blank you will get 0.

Their test for medical covers four subjects Physics, chemistry, Biology and English.

Physics   60 MCQ’s

Chemistry   60 MCQ’s

Biology   60 MCQ’s

English   20 MCQ’s

How to Calculate your ETEA Score: 

ETEA medical test has negative marking. Every correct question will add 4 marks in student account where-as every mistake will deduct -1 marks from student total.  If any student has 90 correct answers, 50 wrong answers and 60 blanks (no answers), he/she would earn the following 90 x 4 + 50 x (-1) + 60 x (0) = 360 – 50 + 0= 310. ETEA test consist of total 800 marks.

Entry Test Preparation

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