Mathematics MCQ’s with Answers and Solution for Preparation of ECAT Test

ECAT is abbreviation of Engineering Collage Admission Test which is conducted in Punjab every year for the admission of engineering programs in Public sector engineering universities . ECAT test is applicable in University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore and all other colleges affiliated with UET along with other Engineering universities in Punjab. ECAT test is very competitive due to less number of seats available in all universities. Many people participate in this test every year but very few of them can get admission. Students have to prepare smartly for ECAT test to admission in desired university. ECAT test also includes mathematical portion, you can get yourself prepared properly for ECAT test by using provides vast range of MCQs with answers and solution for the preparation of ECAT test. To start your preparation today Click here. Here are some question for ECAT with answers and solution from Mathematics portion of ECAT test;

UET Lahore Entry Test

MCQ’s Questions from Number System:

 A complex number added to its additive inverse would give?

  • Answer A : Multiplicative identity
  • Answer B : Additive identity
  • Answer C : Additive inverse
  • Answer D : Multiplicative inverse

Correct: B

Reason: (a, b) + (-a, -b) = (0, 0) which is the additive identity of complex numbers.

MCQ’s Questions from Sets and Functions:

 Set of natural numbers is closed with respect to?

  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction
  • Answer A : I only
  • Answer B : ii only
  • Answer C : i and ii only
  • Answer D : i, ii and iii

Correct: C

Reason: A set has closure under an operation if performance of that operation on members of the set always produce a member of the same set. For natural numbers both addition and multiplication satisfy this properly, however, subtraction does not e.g. 4-5 = -1 which not a part of set of natural numbers.

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MCQ’s Questions from Quadratic Equations:

  X + 2 is a factor of?

  • X4 + 2
  • X4 – X2 + 12
  • X4 – 2X3 – X + 2
  • X4 + 2X3 – X – 2

Correct: D

Reason: Put x = -2 check which option vanishes.

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