Physics MCQ’s with Answers and Explanation For ETEA Medical Test Preparation

ETEA Medical test consists 200 MCQ’s and all of them are from the syllabus of FSC. There is also a negative marking in ETEA test. Each correct answer consist 4 marks, if you give wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted and if you leave blank you will get 0.  ETEA Medical test consist of four subjects Physics, chemistry, Biology and English. In ETEA test only those students can get good marks who have clear knowledge of concepts. provides complete course work for the preparation of ETEA test. We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s with answers of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English.

Physics   60 MCQ’s

Chemistry   60 MCQ’s

Biology   60 MCQ’s

English   20 MCQ’s

Here are some of the sample questions of Physics with Explanation and answers. To start your preparation today Click here.

TOPIC: Vectors & Equilibrium

If line of force passes through the axis of rotation, the moment arm is

  • Answer A: 0
  • Answer B: 1/2r
  • Answer C: R
  • Answer D: 2r

Correct: A


Moment arm is the perpendicular distance between the line of action of force and the axis of rotation. Therefore, if the line of action of force passes through the pivot point or axis of rotation the moment arm is zero.

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TOPIC: Motion, Force, Work & Energy

Water from a pipe at 5kg/s strikes a ball and changes its velocity from 0 to 10 m/s. force exerted by water on the ball is?

Answer A:  0.5 N

Answer B: 2 N

Answer C: 5 N

Answer D: 50 N

Correct D


Force by flowing water is F = (m/t) * v = 50 N.


TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics

Study of fluids in motion is made simpler by using which conservation principle / principles?

Answer A:  Conservation of Mass

Answer B: Conservation of Energy

Answer C: Both of the above

Answer D: None of the above

Correct C


Study of fluids is complex, however, it is made simpler by using two conservation principles (1) Conservation of Mass (2) Conservation of Energy.

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TOPIC: Waves & Oscillations

In Hooke’s Law, F =kx, what does k represent?

Answer A:  Stiffness of the spring

Answer B: Maximum length of the spring

Answer C: Radius of the spring

Answer D: Number of spirals in the spring

Correct A


Hooke’s Law is a principle of physics that states that the force F needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance X is proportional to that distance. That is: F = kX where k is a constant factor characteristic of the spring, its stiffness.

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