How to Calculate Aggregate for NUST NET 1

NUST NET1 test has been started and now students need to calculate aggregate score for NET 1 to check your NET 1 marks are good enough for admission in your selected fields or you need to reappear in NET2 and NET 3. NUST University calculate merit on the basis of marks obtained in Matric, FSC and NET Test. O and A level students merit will be calculated on the basis of equivalent marks and NUST NET. NUST consider 75% NET marks, 15 % FSC and 10% Matric marks in merit/aggregate calculation. Students appeared in NUST NET 1 can calculate their aggregate by using above percentage. provide complete preparation material for NUST NET test, we have more than 15000+ fully explained MCQ’s and MOCK test for NUST NET which helps students in getting good marks. Here is the sample practice test for NUST NET.

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How to calculate NUST NET Aggregate:

If a student scored following marks in Matric, FSC and NET 1 test how he/she will calculate aggregate score.

Marks obtained in Matic: 940          Total marks in Matric: 1100

Marks obtained in FSC: 800            Total marks in FSc: 1100

Marks obtained in NET 1: 140         Total NET 1 Marks: 200


NUST consider 75% test marks, so

 Marks obtained in NET1 x 75        =   140*75/200= 52.5

Total NET 1 Marks

NUST consider 15% FSC marks, so

 Marks obtained in FSC x 15        =   800*15/1100= 10.90

Total marks in FSc

NUST consider 10% Maric marks, so

 Marks obtained in matric x 10        =   940*10/1100= 8.54

Total marks in Matric

Now add 52.5+10.90+8.54= 71.94

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  1. muzammil nazeer

    dear sir i am using pakprep from last two weeks.i am repeater and i want to prepare for uhs can i preppared and select the syllbus of uhs mdcat 2017 only for my peparation.
    and how many mock tests i can attempt in month for my prparation

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Muzammil:

      We appreciate your interest in using Login to, go to “Practice test” select subject which you want to practice, than select topic from given list. After that select difficulty level and number of MCQ’s you want to practice than click on start test. When you finish your test your result will appear on screen. If you want to practice same topic follow the above process again or even if you want to practice new subject or topic you have to follow same process. You can only access five MOCK test in a year.

      Team Pakprep


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