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NTS Invites Application For NAT Tests To Get Admission in Affiliated Universities of NTS

NTS is and independent testing organization in Pakistan. Some engineering universities in Pakistan gave admission on the bases of aptitude test known as NAT test taken by the National Test Service (NTS). This test is known as National Aptitude Test (NAT). NAT announced registration and test dates to get admission in its affiliated Universities. Last date to apply for registration is 25th October, 2017 and test will held on 12th November, 2017. NAT gives more importance to the general analytical and quantitative sections. provides complete coursework for the English and subject tests section of NAT test. For preparation of your NAT test Click here. How to Apply for NTS NAT Test.

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NUMS Answer KEYS Of Pink, White and Yellow Booklets

National University of Medical Science (NUMS) has announced answer keys for NUMS/AMC test held on 27th August 2017. Here are the answer key of White, Yellow and Pink Booklets.

Mehreen Qasim, AMC (2016)

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NUMS Answer Keys of Blue Booklet

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Announced Answer Keys of Blue Booklet:

Question NO Correct Choice Question NO Correct Choice Question NO Correct Choice Question NO Correct Choice
1 B 46 B 91 D 136 C
2 B 47 B 92 A 137 E
3 C 48 A 93 D 138 D
4 C 49 B 94 C 139 D
5 C 50 B 95 C 140 C
6 B 51 B 96 B 141 A
7 B 52 A 97 A 142 E
8 C 53 E 98 D 143 C
9 A 54 D 99 D 144 B
10 B 55 B 100 A 145 B
11 C 56 A 101 D 146 A
12 C 57 C 102 C 147 D
13 C 58 A 103 D 148 C
14 C 59 A 104 A 149 C
15 D 60 D 105 C 150 C
16 C 61 A 106 C 151 C
17 D 62 C 107 D 152 B
18 D 63 B 108 E 153 B
19 C 64 A 109 C 154 D
20 A 65 A 110 D 155 C
21 D 66 D 111 C 156 D
22 E 67 C 112 C 157 B
23 B 68 A 113 E 158 C
24 E 69 B 114 A 159 C
25 D 70 D 115 C 160 B
26 B 71 B 116 C 161 C
27 D 72 B 117 C 162 C
28 E 73 C 118 D 163 B
29 E 74 D 119 A 164 A
30 C 75 C 120 C 165 D
31 B 76 A 121 A 166 E
32 D 77 C 122 D 167 C
33 D 78 D 123 A 168 A
34 C 79 A 124 D 169 D
35 B 80 C 125 D 170 C
36 B 81 B 126 D 171 E
37 B 82 A 127 A 172 C
38 B 83 C 128 A 173 A
39 B 84 A 129 E 174 D
40 D 85 A 130 B 175 E
41 B 86 D 131 B 176 D
42 C 87 B 132 B 177 A
43 C 88 A 133 D 178 B
44 D 89 B 134 B 179 A
45 A 90 A 135 D 180 C

National University of Medical Science (NUMS) has announced answer keys for NUMS/AMC test held on 27th August 2017

National University of Medical Science (NUMS) has announced answer keys for NUMS/AMC test held on 27th August 2017 conducted by NTS. Students can match their answers with the given keys to calculate marks in NUMS/AMC test. Test key for MBBS and BDS admission is published by NTS for NUMS/AMC test. NUMS announced answer keys for Army Medical College (AMC), CMH Lahore, CMH Multan, Wah Medical College, Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (QIMS), HITEC institute of medical Sciences, Taxila, Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences and CMH Bahawalpur. is the best source for the preparation of NUMS test conducted by NTS. Our MCQ’s data bank contains more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s with answers and solutions which help students to get good score in NUMS/AMC test. There are the answer keys of all booklets white, Blue, Pink and Green. Here are the answers of Green Booklet.

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How to get NUMS Roll Number Slip

Important announcement for those students who did not received their NUMS roll numbers. NUMS dispatched roll numbers to students however some students still waiting for roll numbers. Students are required to login at NTS website site to get roll number slips. NUMS test is going to help on 28Th August 2017. NUMS test will include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English MCQ’s. To get MOCk test and preparation material for NUMS/AMC test login to We have more than 15,000+ MCQ’s with answers and solutions. To start your preparation click here. How to get NUMS roll number slip.

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Institute of Space Technology (IST) Announced Registration Dates for Undergraduate admissions

Institute of Space Technology (IST) established in 2002 under the auspices of the Pakistan National Space Agency. IST offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Institute of Space Technology (IST) announced undergraduate admission. Registration has been started from 12th February 2017 and deadline to submit application form is 25th of June 2017. Candidates with FSC Pre- Engineering can apply. All students are eligible to apply admission in Institute of Space Technology if you have 60% marks in FSC. Students appeared in NAT-1E/ NAT-1CS can apply. Institute of Space Technology (IST) accept NTS based result for admission. 50% passing marks are required for admission. provide complete preparation for NTS NAT-IE and NAT-ICS. We offer more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s and MOCK test for top engineering Universities. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation. For eligibility and more details see bellow;

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NTS National Aptitude Test (NAT) Paper Pattern for Engineering, Medical and Computer Science group

National Testing Services specially known as (NTS). NTS offers different test structure for students from different educational back grounds. NTS provide best opportunity for students to appear in one test which is acceptable in many well-known universities of Pakistan. NTS test is comparatively very easy as compare to ECAT, MCAT, NUST NET, ETEA or GIKI entry test. Students can easily score good percentage to secure admission in reputed institutes of Pakistan affiliated with NTS. NTS has different test structure for Engineering, Medical and Computer science groups. NTS test for undergraduate admissions is known as NAT (National Aptitude Test).NTS conduct its National Aptitude Test (NAT) test many times in a year and its validity is for one year so students can take test any time they want. Main focus of NTS (NAT) test is on Analytical, English and Quantitative MCQ’s. provides complete material for the preparation of NTS (NAT) test. Click here to start your preparation.

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List of affiliated Universities of Pakistan in which you can get Admission through NTS Test

NTS stands for National Testing Service. NTS is the largest testing platform in Pakistan. It provides equal opportunity of admission in many Engineering universities to all those who apply for it and due to its authenticity many well-known universities accepts their results and give admission to students on the base of NTS result. The test which NTS took is called NAT (National Aptitude Test), which is a difficult test. is one of the top entry test preparation website of Pakistan. We have all the material and up to dated pattern of NAT which will help you a lot in test. So if you want to score good marks in test you should visit start preparing. Click Here to start your preparation.

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What is NTS Entrance Test?

NTS entrance test is required for admission in most of the universities in Pakistan. Top ranked universities like NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, Punjab Medical Colleges, Punjab University, KPK Medical Colleges, ETEA, Sindh Medical colleges conduct their own test. NTS takes entrance test mostly private universities or second tier of public universities in Pakistan (with a few exceptions).

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Comstats Institute of Information Technology Announced Admission Dates for Spring 2017

Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) announced admission dates for Bachelor, Master and MS (spring 2017). Last date for submission of application form for WAH, Attock, Sahiwal and Vehari campus is 21st November 2016. NTS (NAT) base test will be accepted for admission in CIIT. Special test for Comsats will be help on 27th November 2016. provides the complete coursework for NTS (NAT) Entry Test. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation.

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