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Important Announcement For Students Appeared In MDCAT Test 2017

Important announcement for students appeared in MDCAT test on 27th August 2017. Lahore High Court announced that University of Health Science (UHS) will cancel the old MDCAT test held on 27Th August and will retake test for Public sector Medical colleges of Punjab. UHS will announce new dates for Punjab MDCAT/MCAT test for 2017. New admission policy and dates will be announced soon. www.pakprep.com provide complete preparation for Medical Colleges Entry Test. www.pakprep.com have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s with answers and explanation which help students in getting good marks in Medical college entry test. Here is the notification from UHS.

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Chemistry MCQ’s with Explanation for UHS MCAT

Medical college admission test commonly known as MCAT, which is conducted in Punjab for admission in Public Sector medical colleges of Punjab. University of Health and Sciences (UHS) conduct this test for MBBS & BDS admission in Public Sector medical colleges of Punjab. Every year more than 50000 students try their luck by taking this test but few of them succeed. UHS arrange this test for students once in a year all over the Punjab.

MCAT test is very difficult and you need a lot of preparation in order to pass it. Their test consist of MCQ’s from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English. MCAT test is consist of concept based questions. Every student’s admission is based on MCAT test results and FSC marks. In MCAT test there is a negative marking. There are 5 marks for every correct answer and -1 for every wrong answer.

Pakprep.com can provide you a platform where you can prepare for this test and can also monitor your progress. We have MCQ’s from all subjects which are included in MCAT test along with their correct answers and explanations. To start your preparation Click here. Here are the some of the sample questions of Chemistry with explanation for MCAT preparation;

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UHS MCAT Biology MCQ’s with Explanation

MCAT stands for Medical College Entrance Test, which is conduct by UHS for all Public sector Medical Colleges of Punjab once in a year. This test is mandatory for all those who want to take admission in public sector medical colleges of Punjab. This test is conducted by University of Health Sciences in Punjab. Every year thousands of students apply for this test but due to limitation of seats only few among them can get admission.

MCAT test consists 220 MCQ’s including 88 Biology, 58 chemistry, 44 Physics and 30 English MCQ’s. It is a very tough test to pass, you have to work very hard for it. And for good preparation you can visit Pakprep.com where we have more than 15,000+ MCQ’s solved with explanation and also MOCK test for MCAT. To start your preparation for MCAT Click here.

Here we are going to show you some of the sample questions for MCAT test preparation with explanation.

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Changes Noticed in UHS MCAT New Syllabus for Chemistry

UHS (University of Health & Sciences) Punjab announced new syllabus for MCAT test for 2017 session for Medical college admissions. Medical College Admission Test commonly known as MCAT. To get admission in Public sector medical colleges of Punjab students have to appear in UHS MCAT or Punjab MCAT test. In Punjab there are 20 public sector medical colleges. In 2016 around 56,000 students appeared in MCAT test and total number of seats available in all public sector medicals colleges are 3400. UHS MCAT announced new syllabus for 2017 session due to major changes in course work of FSC and A levels. In new MCAT syllabus for 2017 session they gave major importance to some topics of Organic Chemistry and some other topic. Due to less number of seats available in Public sector medical colleges competition is so high in MCAT test and only those students can secure admission who perform well in MCAT test. Pakprpe.com offers best opportunity for students preparing for MCAT test. We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s of all subjects included in MCAT test, along with MOCK test of MCAT which provides real time environment before actual test. To start your preparation click here. UHS MCAT new syllabus of Chemistry is given bellow;

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Highest and Lowest Merit List of Punjab MCAT for 2016-17

Here is the first merit list for Punjab MCAT 2016-17 for admission into public sector medical colleges in Punjab through MCAT. You can start your preparation of Punjab MCCAT from www.pakprep.com. Last year 20 of Pakprep.com member prepared through the website and got admission in public sector medical colleges of Punjab including Kind Edward Medical College, AIMC, RMC and Nishtar medical college. Register today for free and try our professionally developed online system.

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Important Physics Topics for UHS MCAT

To get admission in Medical colleges of Punjab, students have to appear in Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) organized by University of health sciences (UHS). There are 19 Public sector Medical colleges affiliated with UHS. Every year many students appear in UHS MCAT but only few get admission due to low number of seats available in Medical colleges and high competency in UHS MCAT test. Students have to prepare well to score good marks in MCAT. Subjects included in MCAT test are Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English. Pakprep.com provides complete course work for the preparation of MCAT entry test. Click here to start your preparation. Here are important physics MCQ’s for UHS MCAT.

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Expected dates for UHS MCAT Entry Test 2016

Expected date for the entry test of University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) is 28th August 2016. Registration for MCAT test is expected to be starting from 18th July, 2016. UHS has announced its syllabus for MCAT 2016. Syllabus is same as last year. Punjab MCAT test is based on four subject’s major subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. UHS MCAT test is very competitive, every year thousands of students appear in it to get admission in Medical colleges, but only those students get selected who perform good in MCAT. Pakprep.com is the only source to practice Punjab MCAT MCQ’s. Pakprep.com has complete range of explained MCQ’s related to UHS MCAT syllabus. Just select the option that you want to practice UHS MCAT and the system would automatically filter the UHS MCAT related MCQs. Click Here Now to Start Your UHS MCAT Entry Test Preparation.

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Eligibility Criteria for UHS MCAT entry test

There are total 19 public sector medical colleges in Punjab and to get admission in medical colleges of Punjab students have to appear in Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). Punjab MCAT contains total of 220 MCQs from the selected topics of Punjab Text Book Board Syllabus for FSc.  Subjects included in MCAT are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Pakprep.com provides complete coursework for the preparation of MCAT entry test. Eligibility criteria for MCAT as follow;

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Public Sector Medical Colleges affiliated with Punjab MCAT

Punjab has Ninteen (19) public sector medical colleges that are recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). There are very limited numbers of seats in Punjab medical colleges and students applying for Medical colleges are in big numbers, so approaching students must score good marks in the entry test. Pakprep.com provides the complete coursework for Punjab Medical colleges (MCAT) Entry Test. Register Here for free. List of Public sector Medical Colleges in Punjab.

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Second Merit list of Punjab MCAT Announced by UHS for MBBS Program 2015-16

Here is the second list of closing merit for Punjab MCAT 2015-16 for admission into public sector medical colleges in Punjab announced by UHS. Pakprep.com members had a very successful year where 15 of our members got admission in Punjab medical colleges. You can self-prepare for Punjab MCAT at www.pakprep.com. Register your PakPrep.com account for FREE!!!!

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