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Latest testimonials from successful candidates

  • Sualeh Hassan , ETEA Medical Topper (2016)

    I topped the ETEA medical test 2016 throughout the province. Thanks a lot to PakPrep.com. Seriously it was quite helpful specially the ETEA mock tests and the chapter wise MCQs. It was a very good experience. Thankyou PakPrep team.

  • Abdulbasit Chaaran , LUMHS (2016)

    The first thing worth highlighting is that the MCQs of Pakprep.com aren't from a single board which makes the student more prepared for their respective entry test. After that even the most procrastinating person would end up studying something as studying through Pakprep.com is much easier and comfortable than studying normal books (Though Book reading is very necessary). The reason I'm saying that it is more comfortable is because of the fact that we students find tablets, mobile phones, computers etc more comfortable than normal books. I got into the university of my pick and I'm pretty thankful to Pakprep for making me learn new stuff which weren't in my regular books, surely I'm grateful.

  • Omer Wajid , GIKI (2016)

    For some reasons, I only had almost a month to prepare for my university entry tests. Pakprep.com was very helpful in practicing different type of questions mostly the type you'd see on the exam paper. Study the course thoroughly and practice MCQs on pakprep.com and you're good to go. GoodLuck!

  • Mashhood Javaid , GIKI (2016)

    I am Mashhood Javaid from Shakargarh, Punjab. Pakprep.com was very helpful in preparing for the entry test exams. I will recommend PakPrep to every student preparing for entry test exams specially, A level students. Mock test in the website are very useful. I solved the mock papers a day before I was going to appear in GIKI entry test. I was only able to score 30 in the first section because there is negative marking in it. But after doing mock paper I decided to only attempt MCQs for which i know answers very well. The rest I left in the entry test of GIKI and I was able to get admission there.

  • Irfan Nasir , NED & Mehran University (2016)

    My Name is Irfan Nasir and I'm from Gilgit. I recommend this website for the students who want to appear in ECAT or MCAT exams. I've passed NED Entrance test, thanks to PakPrep and Now I have gained admissions in Mehran University. Thanks a lot PakPrep.com.

  • Sheikh Nabeel , Nishtar Medical College (2016)

    I am Sheikh Nabeel Yaqoob from Azad Kashmir. Alhamdulillah, I have got admission in Nishtar Medical College Multan for MBBS. I did my preparation via Pakprep.com and it proved to be very productive and helpful. It is one of the best links by which one can achieve excellent results. In short, It provides everything that one requires in entry test. I will recommend all medical students to use this site for good results in UHS MCAT. After thanking to my Allah, mother, family, relatives, teachers and friends I am thankful to Pakprep.com. I proud of and salute founder of Pakprep.com who presented such a valuable and precious gift for the students. Marvelous job, thanks a lot again!!!!!

  • Shakeel Ahmed , NUST (2016)

    With the help of Pakprep.com I have gotten admission at NUST. If I had known this site earlier, I am sure to have improved my merit number at NUST. Thanks to Pakprep.com that I am able to pursue my engineering studies.

  • Syed Muhammad Zafar Rizvi , IST (2016)

    I prepared through Pakprep.com and was accepted for Aerospace Engineering at Institute of Space Technology (IST). Pakprep.com is an excellent website and much better than joining any crowded academy. Five starts to Pakprep.com!!

  • Daniyal Babar Warraich , NUST (2016)

    It was a really good experience of using Pakprep.com for entry test preparation especially the mock tests. These tests give you an idea of how to manage your time during test which is the most important factor. Pakprep team is doing a great job!!!

  • Uzair Siddiq , UET Peshawar (2016)

    I hardly had 45 days to prepare for the entrance test. I didn't know what to do at all but then I found out about PakPrep.com. Due to the MCQs practice from PakPrep, I got admission in UET mechatronics engineering, NUST economics, FAST Islamabad computer science and COMSAT Islamabad electric engineering. I finally chose UET to pursue my higher education. I strongly recommend PakPrep to all my juniors.

  • Rushmah Saleem , NUST (2016)

    I got admission in NUST in Computer Engineering and it is all because of Pakprep.com. Pakprep is really helpful and in my opinion it is the best website for entrance test preparation.

  • Muhammad Talha , NUST (2016)

    Being an A levels students, I was worried about how to prepare for entrance tests which are based on FSc syllabus. I was recommended PakPrep.com by one of my friends and wow…. it has been a great experience. I did not join academy and focused on self-study through Pakprep.com. MCQs are very conceptual as per the needs of the entrance tests. I was able to practice difficult practice levels as per my needs. I found Mock test feature to be the best on the site. I would just say, go for it!

  • Salman Zahid , NUST (2016)

    I am from Mandi Bahauddin and got selected in National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad. It's a good experience to prepare from PakPrep. A great initiative by the team. At home I could study better and focused. Much better than joining any academy.

  • Noman Abbasi , NUST (2016)

    I am selected in NUST Roll no 112609163 in Geo Informatics Engineering due to PakPrep.com. I was also selected in FAST and Air University. This site is very helpful. MCQs there are very important and I suggest all prospective university students to join Pakprep.com. Thanks PakPrep team.

  • Faizan Abid , NUST (2016)

    Team PakPrep, I got admission in NUST and I used your site for my NET preparation. It's been a great experience for me to prepare from PakPrep. It helped me in preparations regarding NET specially theyou’re your site takes the test. After practicing on PakPrep.com I felt less stress in NET because I got used to the test Pattern. Thumbs up for PakPrep!!!!

  • Abdul Shakoor , Islamic International University (2016)

    I am from Khushab. I prepared for my entry test through Pakprep.com and got admission at IIU. The website is amazing and very useful for the students preparing for their entry tests.

  • Muhammad Saad Qureshi , NUST (2016)

    My name is Muhammad Saad Qureshi from Karachi. I got selected in both PIEAS (25th position) and NUST (Electrical Engineering). It is all firstly because of the grace of my ALLAH and the prayers of my Parents and secondly because of the excellently prepared course outline of your tests. I practiced them a lot and even some MCQ's matched with exact figures. Your work no doubt is matchless to any test preparer. 0/0 (infinite cheers) to all the team of PAKPREP!!!... Thanx a lot J.

  • Ommair Ahmed , NUST (2016)

    Getting admission in NUST was my dream. When i gave NET 1st time I got only 96 marks. I was really disappointed but then I decided to join PakPrep.com and didn't join any academy. The website helped me a lot. I learnt each and every question from PakPrep and I found MCQs very suitable to NET standards. I also found mock tests to be very useful. Mock test gave me experience to solve NET paper and due to PakPrep I scored 133 in NET and got admission in NUST PNEC Mechanical engineering ......Thank you PakPrep.

  • RIZ KHAN , Bahria University (2016)

    PakPrep gives the platform in your house to focus on your weakness not like the other academies in which they have limited time and they are costly. Alhamdulilah i got admission in computer engineering at Bahria university. I have got admission in GIKI but due to expenses, I am going for CE at Bahria University. I would recommend students to use the website during the FSc. It is beneficial for 1st, 2nd year and entry test. PakPrep gives the better platform than other academies

  • Muhammad Shahzaib Siddiqui , FAST NUCES (2016)

    This website is best for preparation of entry tests. I also joined academy but the day I gave tests I realized that joining academies is only a waste of time and money. Academies do teach some tricks and shortcuts in maths and physics but believe me none of them helped or benefited us in entry test. Just prepare thoroughly from your FSc books and for chemistry use Punjab textbook board's book. Just thoroughly read and learn your FSc books and solve MCQs on PakPrep. Do practice each and every questions in maths section. And please please please don't waste your time and money in academies.

  • Syed Muhammad Ali , NUST (2016)

    "Say Not The Struggle Nought Availeth", this is my word of advice to all my fellow students who have been working hard to secure their future in one of the top universities of Pakistan. In my journey through the tough preparation of the entrance exam, PakPrep has been a great companion. They provided me with not only relevant questions, but also the explanation of their answers. The mock tests proved very helpful in self- assessment, learning time management and boosting my confidence for the test. I was able to secure admission in Mech. Engg at NUST only by the grace of Allah, my constant hardwork and the guidance from my teachers and PakPrep. Trust me, the full membership fee is worth the buck :-)

  • Talha Naveed , NUST (2016)

    PakPrep provided me with all the relevant and valuable resources to prepare for NUST entry test. I tried the entry test two times before without any guideline but I could not score sufficient score. Third time, I scored 145/200 and easily got admission in the first merit list. The best part, PakPrep covered all my needs and helped me cope up without any academy! Thanks :)

  • Muhammad Sarib Shahid , NUST (2016)

    I heard about this website from my cousin and I started studying from there and Alhamdullilah I got selected in NUST. This site is just amazing provides thousands of MCQs which helped me in developing my concepts and skills. Some shortcuts are also here which I found very useful. I advise all the students to check it out and you will realize that it is an amazing source.

  • Mehreen Qasim , AMC (2016)

    I solved the mcqs and mock tests prepared by PakPrep.com. They helped me a lot and now I am a student of Army medical college Rawalpindi

  • Fahad Ahmad Arsal , FAST NUCES (2016)

    I was worried about my entry test but then I got this amazing site. Each MCQ is explained brilliantly. This gives it an upper edge over all the other websites. I did not join any academy as it is only waste of money and time. I applied for FAST and NUST and got admitted in both. Thanks to Allah, My Concepts and PakPrep.

  • Muhammad Umer Javaid , NUST (2016)

    PakPrep.com is remarkable and full of learning. I believe it is a great initiative by your administration to set up such website having relevant MCQs with commendable explanatory answers. What makes it more lucrative is its time orientated mock tests. I really extol your efforts and hope that you deliver quality work in days to come. I got into NUST, GIKI, FAST and LUMS. I finally enrolled in NUST Civil engineering program.

  • Muhammad Kashif , NUST (2016)

    I got admission in Military College of Engineering NUST, department of Civil Engineering. I am thankful to Pakprep.com team. I learned a lot from your site. I just went through the course books and practiced your MCQs and achieved my dream of getting into NUST. I also encourage other students to go through PakPrep MCQs. Thanks a lot.

  • Moazin Khatti , NUST (2016)

    I started using PakPrep back in May or June as far as I remember. I prepared only from Punjab Board Books and practiced through PakPrep. I wanted to study Electrical Engineering. I applied to GIKI and got selected. My merit number was 67. I applied to PIEAS and got selected my merit number was 100. I also applied to NUST and got selected in EME College Rawalpindi. Merit number was 490. As far as my experience with PakPrep is concerned, I would say it was helpful. To conclude I would say Pakpreps was nice and I am happy Alhamdulilah. I achieved what I wanted to achieve and PakPrep helped a lot.

  • Seemab Zafar , NUST (2016)

    I have been selected in NUST as well as in UET and PIEAS (merit no 48).But I have selected NUST and will go for electrical engineering in SEEC school of NUST. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of PakPrep.com. I really learnt a lot and my MCQs solving speed improved significantly. The explanations of answers and smart techniques were really helpful. Thanks PakPrep.com

  • Sufyan Ahmad Qureshi , NED (2016)

    I didn't get admission in any center for test preparation I just joined Pakprep.com. It was really helpful for me and I secured my seat in engineering university.

  • Usama Bin Nadeem , NUST (2016)

    I wanted to thank your team for providing such a great assistance to students. I was a mediocre student in class. I scored 114 in NET-1, 125 in NET-2 (used Pakprep) and 136 in NET-3 (used Pakprep). Before my NET-3 I scored 150,145,131 in the Pakprep NUST Mock tests. I surely could have scored a lot better than 136, but I was not feeling well during test because of travel sickness. Anyways, I just gave it one week for NET-3, took lots of tests and scored enough to get me a seat! :)

  • Hamza Tanveer , GIKI (2015)

    I am very thankful to you because of your website. I secured admission in GIKI mechanical last year with a merit number of 286. I also scored 140 in net 3 and got selected in fast as well as Air university. This was all because of your efforts that you have put into your MCQs. I will recommend juniors to study from here because these 2000 rupees are worth more than anything.

  • Arooj Aslam , COMSATS (2015)

    After being disappointed by overcrowded academies, I switched to Pakprep.com for my NTS preparation. I used some other books and Pakprep.com to prepare for my entry tests. Neatly arranged MCQs, analytics of my performance, log of my mistakes, mock tests were really helpful in improving my preparation. Kudos to Pakprep team and highly recommended for all students.

  • Hoorya Faatmaa , Nawaz Sharif Medical College (2015)

    By the grace of Allah, I was able to secure admission in a medical college through UHS MCAT 2015, and PakPrep helped me tremendously in preparation and achieving success. Pakprep is a very well designed website, with tons of questions and answers, as well as easy to use navigation and comprehensive stats. It helped me to prepare daily with specific objective and constant progress. The mock test were highly helpful at the end of my preparation. The whole study planning offered by PakPrep, contributed greatly toward my success in MCAT.

  • Azwa Rashid , Shifa Medical College (2015)

    After doing A-levels, I was looking for a good resource to prepare for my medical entry test preparation. My friend suggested to use Pakprep.com. This is the best way to prepare for medical entry tests. The site structure is simple, easy to follow and MCQs are of good quality. Highly recommended!!!

  • Hayat Hamza , GIKI (2015)

    You people are doing great job. Questions are of good standard and mock tests very helpful.

  • Asif Haider , NUST (2015)

    Thank you Sir! This site proved very helpful for my NET-3 preparation. Difficulty level of NUST NET MCQs was similar to the ones in PakPrep.com "Practice Tests". I am very thankful to you.

  • Bisma Haider , NUST (2015)

    This is the best project I have seen related to entry test preparation. I suggest Pakprep.com to almost everyone who ask me on how to prepare for NUST NET. Keep working hard and please keep this project alive.

  • Noor ul Ain Munir , GIKI (2015)

    My Name is Noor ul Ain Munir, Allahmudullah I got Admission in GIKI in the Faculty of ES (Batch 25) and the credit for this goes only to Pakprep,com. The best website for the preparation of entry test of any university. I didn't join any academy for the preparation of entry tests. I just practiced MCQ's from Pakprep, It is the only website which prepares you for any type of entry test and it is perfect in every way for the preparation of entry tests. If you use Pakprep for the preparation of entry test you need not to join any acadmy e.g kips, Star etc which are only made for earning money by doing "Darr ka Business". I wish I could tell every student out there preparing for entry test that they don't need to join any academy. All they need is Pakprep for the preparation of entry test. A salute to the team of Pakprep for their sincere efforts.

  • Faran Saeed , GIKI (2015)

    (A.O.A) To all Members of PakPrep.com. First of all I would like to thank dear ALLAH for my admission at GIKI in the faculty of Electrical Engineering. My merit position no is (23). I also applied in NUST where I was offered course at EME, Rawalpindi(merit no: 187). This all due to my parents prayers & brilliant efforts of Pakprep team. I felt that their mock test helped me a lot in managing time during entry tests. I strongly recommend all the juniors to join pakprep.com as early as possible for their bright & successful future.

  • Shah Nawaz , FAST NU (2015)

    By the grace of Allah almighty I got selected in FAST NU Lahore. Thank you Pakprep.com!!!!

  • Ahsan Zafar , NED (2015)

    I got admission in NED University Of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.. :). I did not study in any academy for ECAT but I did practice on Pakprep and read my course books. It`s a good website, better than other all websites.

  • Raheel Masroor , NUST (2015)

    Alhamdulillah! It has been a great entry test season for me. I secured 37 merit position in GIKI, 153 merit position in PIEAS and 233 merit position in NUST. Finally I got myself enrolled in NUST(SEECS) for BS EE(Electrical Engineering). I didn't join any Entrance test preparation academy. The two things which were most helpful for me in the Entrance tests were my two year concepts and Pakprep.com MOCK Tests. These tests helped me manage my time during the real test. So the website was very helpful in my preparation.

  • Ibraheem Muhammad Nadeem , GIKI (2015)

    Pakprep.com helped me a lot in my entry test preparations. I am an A levels student and I had a very short span of time to cover a huge course. Alhamdulillah through Pakprep.com and my teachers I was able to excel. Thanks to Almighty Allah. Other universities in which I got accepted are NUST, FAST, Bahria and COMSATS.

  • Ahmer Asif , Ayub Medical College (2015)

    I am using Pakprep online test preparation since January. I got very good position in KPK entry test and got admitted in Ayub Medical College. I will suggest all the students to get a Pakprep.com account to get admission in the university or college of their choice.

  • Bilal Shahid , UET (2015)

    Sir I got Selected in GIKI , NUST , UET and PIEAS .... wherever I applied I got selected :). Its all because of the efforts of your team. Thanks to you for the excellent quality MCQs. I tried them a lot.

  • Abdullah Nasir , NUST (2015)

    For the first few days during my preparation for NUST and other entry tests I found it pretty difficult to deal with the heaps of syllabus that was yet to be revised. I already knew about Pakprep.com but I hadn’t by then registered to it. Then one day one of my teachers told me about the site. I practiced a few MCQs and I found them great for my preparation. All I did was that I revised some subject and then practiced MCQs of various difficulty levels from the site. Alhamdullilah I got admitted in all renowned institutes namely NUST, GIKI, AIR and IST. Since I appeared in all three NETS I would suggest everyone that Pakprep.com is the perfect option for preparing for NUST. In my personal opinion this is an option everyone should avail and refrain from wasting their time at the academies. And trust me I was a mediocre student. Well I did pass my matriculation and intermediate with good marks but I never regarded myself as one of the extraordinary students. I am thankful Alhamdullilah to both Allah Almighty and to Pakprep.com for making me capable of passing the entry tests.

  • Muhammad Rehan Ali , GIKI (2015)

    I have used Pakprep.com for my entry test preparation. I found it very helpful and got admission in GIKI.

  • Sohaib Siddiqui , GIKI (2015)

    I got admission in GIKI in electrical engineering. It was possible due to Pakprep.com specially mock test, which give the idea of test, mind mapping and time. Again thanks a lot!

  • Sahir Baig , GIKI (2015)

    Sir I got into GIKI in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and your website pakprep.com helped me a lot, especially your mock tests and the analysis system for practice tests. I am here to thank all the team members for their sincere efforts.

  • Syed Sammer Abbas , NUST (2015)

    Alhumdulillah with grace of Allah Almighty, prayers of my parents, efforts of my teachers and specially efforts of Pakprep.com team I with NUST ROLL NO: 105710153 from Gilgit have secured admission at NUST for Mechanical Engineering. I strongly recommend Pakprep.com for juniors to take advantage of it and don’t waste their precious time in academies and other below standard resources.

  • Fiza Ashfaq , AIMC (2014)

    I got admission in the Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. I complemented my preparation with Pakprep.com. It is a great resource for self preparation for entry tests and I would recommend it for all students preparing for the Punjab MCAT.

  • Bilal Shahid , NUST (2014)

    With the help of your MCQs I got admitted in NUST, UET, GIKI and PIEAS. Thank you very much for this favor sir.

  • Sajjad Akbar , UET Lahore (2014)

    I got admission at UET Lahore :). It is all because of the efforts of your team. Thanks to you for the excellent quality MCQs. I tried them a lot.

  • Muhammad Usman , UET Lahore (2014)

    I got into Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore. Thanks to Pakprep which helped me to prepare for my test.

  • Durga Shanker , Isra Univeristy Hyderabad (2014)

    One of the best indeed!

  • Abdul Muiz , NUST (2014)

    This website is really help full. Highly recommended to everyone!!

  • Hasan Shoaib Siddiqui , GIKI (2014)

    I am enrolled in Batch#24 of Mechanical Engineering in GIKI where I scored the merit no. 32. I also applied in NUST where I was offered admission at EME, Rawalpindi (Merit no. 512). The fact is that unlike most students, I did not study in any academy but thanks to my wonderful college professors, PakPrep.com and a few entrance test books, I scored more than my classmates who prepared their entrance tests in various academies (namely KIPS). The feature of Pakprep.com which I found most useful was the simulation of entrance tests (Mock tests) which helped me develop a rough idea of how to manage my time.

  • M. Aibak Arshad , NUST (2014)

    I got selected in both NUST mechanical engineering and PIEAS mechanical engineering. I only prepared from pakprep.com. It is a very helpful site and I would recommend you guys to prepare from it rather than waste your time & money in useless academies.

  • Farrukh Aqil , NUST (2014)

    Pakprep.com was a great help to me. I have been admitted to NUST for mechanical engineering. I took practice MCQs from Pakprep.com and solved the online test papers on the website. It was very helpful in terms of self-analysis or as progress tests. What I found most useful was that each question had a well-defined answer which helped me a lot to remove my confusion!