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NUST Undergraduate Scholarships

Students applying for NUST undergraduate admission in the engineering and medical degree programs can benefit from a number of scholarship programs. Some of these scholarships are provided by the NUST and others by the third party sources. Details of eligibility criteria can be found here. However summarized version of each available undergraduate scholarship for NUST is as follows,
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NUST Undergraduate Programs

NUST is a new-age university defining new frontiers in teaching and research. The programs are distinctive for their high-quality research orientation. Notwithstanding the significance of undergraduate courses, there is ever-growing emphasis on postgraduate studies and research output. NUST offers the following undergraduate programs,
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GIKI Entry Test Format – A Snapshot

GIKI entry test format is pretty straight forward. There are two parts.
Part A include 60 MCQs in total. Although GIKI does not mention the number of MCQs from each subject but you should expect roughly 30 Physics and 30 Mathematics MCQs. Total time for this part of the test is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Calculators and mathematical tables are not allowed for the test, so sharpen your calculation skills during your preparation.
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GIKI Undergraduate Admissions – Minimum Eligibility

GIKI admissions are based strictly on merit of the entry test. Details of admission test format can be found here. However, in order to be eligible for admission at GIKI the candidates will need to have one of several qualifications by using at least 60% total marks or comparative grade. Candidates have to secure at minimum 60% marks or comparative grade (C) in Mathematics and Physics.
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GIKI Undergraduate Scholarships and Loans

GIKI Scholarships:
Students pursuing undergraduate degree at GIKI can benefit from multiple third party scholarships. Scholarships from different agencies that are available for undergraduate studies in GIKI for the academic year 2014 are as follows:
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Aga Khan University Entry Test – A snap shot.

Entry test for the MBBS undergraduate admissions at Aga Khan University Medical College (AKU) is quiet comprehensive and conceptual. The test focuses on your conceptual understanding rather than your ability to memorize and remember bare facts and figures. The entry test has two sections: Section 1 on English with a total allocated time of 1 hour; and Section 2 on science and mathematics with a total allocated time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Format of the two sections is given below,
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How to Prepare for UET Entry Test

We are going to give you full tips for preparation of University of Engineering & Technology UET entry test. These will be helpful for other entry tests as well like Nust entry test, PIEAS entry test etc. The easiest test is UET test. Many of the good students cannot get good scores because they do not know how to prepare and attempt the Entry test.
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FAST Entry Test Format – A Snapshot

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (also known as FAST) entry test varies depending on the coursework you apply for. The university provides guidelines for the test format but has not announced a fixed test format. The use of calculators is not allowed.
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NUST Entry Test (NET) Format – A Snapshot

NUST entry test format depends on the coursework that you are applying for. Format for each of the coursework is given below,

  • ​Mathematics ​40% ( 80 mcqs )
  • ​Physics 30% ( 60 mcqs )
  • ​Chemistry 15% ( 30 mcqs )
  • ​English 10% ( 20 mcqs )
  • ​Intelligence 5% ( 10 mcqs )

Total MCQs = 200
Time allotted = 3 hours.
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