How to Prepare for UET Entry Test

We are going to give you full tips for preparation of University of Engineering & Technology UET entry test. These will be helpful for other entry tests as well like Nust entry test, PIEAS entry test etc. The easiest test is UET test. Many of the good students cannot get good scores because they do not know how to prepare and attempt the Entry test.

You should know something about the test that until the year 2007, UET Entry test was simple and was not much conceptual, there were almost no dodging (tricking) numerical (it was easy to guess the right answer ). These were almost simple statements which were given in the textbooks and hardworking and talented students in those days could have scored 330 to 370 marks while an average student can obtain 260 to 330 marks. But after the year 2007, UET changes its method of entry test. UET Entry test become somewhat we call difficult and conceptual. Dodging has been added. Now a talented student can get roughly about 250 to 350 marks and an average one can score about 200 to 220 marks.
But this remained till 2011 when UET’s test was leaked and it was held twice. The pattern of entry test was totally changed. It was as difficult as GIKI’s or NUST test. Only 2 students crossed 300 marks line and only 43 from 250 marks line in 2011. You can read this post to have an idea why this happened.
But still there are some general tips on Uet test. You will insa’Allah succeed.
1. Divide time for your subjects like if you have 30 days for the preparation you can give 6 days to each subject (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English).
2. Most of the uet students says that if you have read and understand concepts of textbooks then you can get high marks. So read every line of your course book and try to understand concept.
3. If you done this you have covered 75% of your preparation. If you cannot memorize it then do this step chapter wise complete one chapter and go to the next step and after that come back to this step but keep in mind that you have to give equal time to all the chapters.
4. Do not read from entry test objective or preparation books until you get through your textbook. Once you completed the 3rd step take some practice MCQs or objective type and check yourself, if you forget something you can look into your textbook. Those who have learn from their textbooks can go to the 3rd step chapter wise also do this step chapter wise. MCQs are arranged chapter wise to facilitate your practice in this manner.
5. Do this for every subject and keep practicing.
On test day you should follow these Guidelines:
1. Divide time intelligently to attempt all the subjects. Generally mathematics mcqs takes longest time, followed by physics, chemistry and English. There are 30 MCQs of Mathematics, 30 of Chemistry, 30 of Physics and 10 of English. Generally chmistThere are 4 marks of each correct MCQ and 1 negative mark for wrong one.
2. Do not get confused and concentrate on the questions. Students who become nervous on test are likely to lose marks unknowingly.
3. Attempt all those questions which you can answers. Skip those in which you are confused and could not get to the answers.
4. Once you are done with all those questions which you fully understand, come to the rest ones and concentrate on them, attempt them carefully. You can also leave the MCQs unattempted if you want because wrong answer has negative mark.
5. Some people say that you should attempt those question you cannot solve or don’t know about them. In my opinion entry test is designed to filter out students, to make you come out of the crowd of students, so do not attempt those you don’t know. Questions are tricky and negative marking can significantly decrease your score in entry test.
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  2. wafia

    Seriously thank u so so so much . I had to register to this site but could’nt do so for se reason.. My advice to all is that u should register for this site. Well today was my uet test n ur topic how to prepare was a life saver for me. Honesyly i had no stress no time pressure n no kind of tension. Ur talk just casted a mahical spell on me. For relaxing i preferred not to touch buks n listened to asmaul husna. Thnx alot 🙂

      1. Umar malik

        Salam sir g!!!! I hope you will be fine…..I am repeater….Sir I am very week in English subject so that I can’t attempt any single MCQ of English in previous test..So please guide me sir that how I can start study for English.

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Latif
      We appreciate your interest in using We are unable to understand your question, please ask your question in detail so that we can answer accordingly. You can prepare for any medical or engineering entry test from below mentioned link;

      Team Pakprep


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