GIKI Entry Test Format – A Snapshot

GIKI entry test format is pretty straight forward. There are two parts.
Part A include 60 MCQs in total. Although GIKI does not mention the number of MCQs from each subject but you should expect roughly 30 Physics and 30 Mathematics MCQs. Total time for this part of the test is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Calculators and mathematical tables are not allowed for the test, so sharpen your calculation skills during your preparation.

You should be careful for Part A as it has negative marking. For each correct answer the score is ‘+3’ and for each wrong answer ‘-1’. Unanswered question are marked ‘0’. GIKI entry test has some tough questions as well, so do not spend too much time on one question. Remember that you have only one and a half minute per MCQ. If you are not sure about the answer or you cannot narrow down to at least two choices, it is better to skip the question rather than doing it wrong.
Part B has three sections containing a total of twenty English questions. Total time for this section is half an hour. There is no negative marking for Part B, so you can make as many “Tukkas” as you like. For each correct answer the score is ‘+1’ and for each wrong answer or unattempted question the score is ‘0’. Do not leave any question unanswered in this part as you are not being penalized for the wrong answers. mock tests fully simulate the Part A of the GIKI entry test to give you the exam practice in the similar environment. After you complete the test, you shall get your ranking as where you stand amongst the total number of students who have taken that test. You should not miss it. Practice as many MCQs as you can. This is the best way to prepare.
We strongly ecommend reading the “How to Prepare” section of our website by clicking the link
For further information visit the GIKI undergraduate admissions website

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  1. muhammad sajid

    ma abi fresh fsc kar chuka ho ab mera maqsad yhe haa k giki ma mja admission mill jaye. anyone who can help me about preparation for giki ya mja ab kia karna chahyeh

    1. Admin Post author

      We appreciate your interest in using Please follow the bellow mentioned links for the preparation of GIKI Entry Test, they will help you. For further details you can call our helpline at 0335-5833265.
      Team Pakprep


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