Important Physics Topics for Punjab MCAT

Punjab MCAT has a total of 220 MCQs from the selected topics of Punjab Text Book Board Syllabus for FSc. Some topics are given more weightage in the MCAT as compared to other. Although we recommend students to thoroughly prepare all topics listed in the Punjab MCAT syllabus, here are a few suggestions on important Physics topics.

Must do Topics:
Punjab MCAT has a total of 44 MCQs from Physics. Out of these 44, twenty MCQs are from four chapters. Light (04 MCQs), Waves (04 MCQs), Modern Physics (07 MCQs) & Nuclear Physics (07 MCQs). By focusing on these four chapters you are done with almost half of the physics syllabus. Spend significant time on preparing these four chapters.
Expect questions on Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), X-rays and medical uses of radioactive materials. We recommend remembering by heart the medical uses of various isotopes. These MCQs are quick wins and do not take much time to answer, if you know it.
Easier Sections:
Perhaps the easiest section of Physics is weightlessness in an elevator. database has all possible MCQs related to it, do practice them. The test would definitely have one or two MCQs on weightlessness. You should not get them wrong! Electronics is another straight forward topic in Punjab MCAT. These are must correct MCQs, if you want to score good.
Confirmed MCQs:
Bernoulli’s theorem is an important topic and you should definitely expect MCQs related to the Bernoulli’s theorem. There would definitely be an MCQ on PV relation of ideal gases. Note that, generally the MCQs on PV relation are a bit conceptual in nature.
The Difficult Topics:
The most difficult Physics topic of MCAT Punjab is Magnetism and Electromagnetism. Prepare it well. It is more conceptual and its MCQs would require some thinking during the test. If you are time constraint during the test, you may skip these questions in favor of other relatively easier physics topics.
If you are using for your entry test preparation, you should not worry if you are not correctly answering all the difficult level questions. Difficult questions are there to develop your conceptual understanding during your test preparation. We do not expect you to correctly answer all the difficult level questions. Most of the MCQs in the Punjab MCAT Physics section shall be of easy or medium difficulty level of database. However, do attempt all the difficult level questions during your test preparation. After all you are free to make all the mistakes during the preparation so that you do not make them during the test :).
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