Punjab Medical Colleges Admission Test MCAT Format – A Snapshot

The public sector Medical colleges in Punjab require all candidates to appear in an admission test commonly known as the Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). The Punjab MCAT has MCQs from four subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The MCAT score counts significantly towards the admission as each student’s total score is prepared with a 50% weightage to the test score.
Format for Punjab MCAT is given below,

  • ​Biology 88 mcqs
  • ​Physics 44 mcqs
  • ​Chemistry 58 mcqs
  • ​English 30 mcqs

Total MCQs = 220
Time allotted = 2 hours 30 mins
There is negative marking in the Punjab MCAT with every correctly answered MCQ scoring 5 marks, wrong answer -1 mark and skipped MCQs with 0 marks. This means that if a candidate has 50 correct answers, 50 wrong answers and 120 blanks (no answers), he/she would earn the following marks:
50 x 5 + 50 x (-1) + 120 x (0) = 250 – 50 + 0 = 200 marks out of maximum 1100.
Aggregate merit list for admission into medical and dental colleges in Punjab is prepared on the basis of MCAT score, FSc marks and Matriculation marks. The breakdown of the final score is as follows,

  • MCAT score which counts for 50% of the total merit
  • FSc marks count for 40% of the total merit
  • Matriculation marks count for 10% of the total merit

MCQs in the Punjab MCAT are from the selected topics of Punjab Text Book Board Syllabus for FSc. The syllabus for Punjab MCAT is announced by the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.
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