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Pakprep.com is a complete online system for entry test preparation for leading Pakistani universities like GIKI, NUST, UET, FAST, MCAT etc. Here are the sample MCQs and a full set of 9000 plus MCQs in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology may be accessed by registering at www.pakprep.com.
Physics – Alternating Current
The A.C e.m.f can be represented which kind of wave form?
Answer A : Sinusoidal
Answer B : Cosine wave
Answer C : Tangent wave
Answer D : Linear
Physics – Heat & Thermodynamics
If velocity of the gas particles increase by twice. The pressure exerted by the gas?
Answer A : Increase by two times
Answer B : Decrease by two times
Answer C : Increasy by four times
Answer D : Decrease by four times.
Physics – Fluid Dynamics
Within a fluid flowing horizontally?
Answer A : Lowest speed occurs where the pressure is highest.
Answer B : Lowest speed occurs where the pressure is lowest.
Answer C : Pressure remains constant.
Answer D : Speed is independent of pressure in horizontal flow.
Physics – Work, Force & Energy
If car A is at 40 km/h and car B is at 10 km/h in the opposite direction, what is the velocity of the car A relative to the car B?
Answer A : 10
Answer B : 40
Answer C : 50
Answer D : None of the above.
Physics – Electromagnetic Induction
What energy is stored in an inductor of 40mH, when a current of 8 A passing through it ?
Answer A : 260 mJ
Answer B : 1.3 J
Answer C : 1.6 mJ
Answer D : 2.3 J

7 thoughts on “Entry Test Preparation – Sample Physics MCQs from www.pakprep.com

  1. Bini

    Thanks … the MCQs are challenging and reflect the right difficulty level as per the entry test.

  2. mehfooz

    Do you have MCQs for all physics topics of FSc and A levels syllabus. I am applying for NUST, GIKI, UET and PIEAS.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, Pakprep.com has MCQs from all FSc and A Levels physics topics as required by major universities like GIKI, NUST, PIEAS, UET as well as Punjab MCAT, Sindh MCAT and KPK ETEA. Here is the complete list of topics for Physics MCQs.
      Vectors & Equilibrium
      Work, Force, & Energy
      Circular Motion
      Fluid Dynamics
      Waves & Oscillations
      Heat & Thermodynamics
      Current Electricity
      Electromagnetic Induction
      Alternating Current
      Physics of Solids
      Modern Physics
      Atomic Spectra
      Nuclear Physics


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