PIEAS Entry Test Pattern and Format

PIEAS entry test is divided into Four Sections. There is one section consisting of 25 MCQs on four subjects, English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. As your performance in the written test depends on doing well in ALL the Four Sections, you are strongly advised to attempt as many questions as you can from each section. Each MCQ has four choices and the test has negative marking.

Total time for the test is 3 hrs. This means that you would have less than 2 minutes for each MCQ. Good news is that calculators are allowed in the test. You can manage your time better by doing English & Chemistry MCQs quickly that would leave you more time for the Maths MCQs.
The test has negative marking. For each correct answer the score is ‘+3’ and for each wrong answer ‘-1’. Unanswered question are marked ‘0’. PIEAS entry test has some tough questions as well, so do not spend too much time on one question. Remember that you have less than two minutes per MCQ. If you are not sure about the answer or you cannot narrow down to at least two choices, it is better to skip the question rather than doing it wrong.
PakPrep.com mock tests fully simulate the PIEAS entry test to give you the exam practice in the similar environment. After you complete the test, you shall get your ranking as where you stand amongst the total number of students who have taken that test. You should not miss it. Practice as many MCQs as you can. This is the best way to prepare.
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For further information visit the PIEAS undergraduate admissions website http://www.pieas.edu.pk/admissions/

20 thoughts on “PIEAS Entry Test Pattern and Format

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Important Maths topics for PIEAS entry test are
      Quadratic Equations
      Sequence & Series
      Analytical Geometry

  1. Arslan

    Sir PIEAS test part 1 or Part 2 dono mai sy ho ga ya Part 2 mai se ………….
    please give some information Thanks

  2. naeem bashir

    sir ma pre engineering ka student ho kya ma BScs pieas k laye apply kar sakta hoo too kya ma chemistry wala test dee sakta hoo

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Ali:
      We appreciate your interest in using pakprep.com. Please follow the bellow mentioned link to get detail about PIEAS pattern. We covers all topics which are necessary for PIEAS test. Login to http://www.pakprep.com for your preparation.
      Team Pakprep

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Saad:
      We appreciate your interest in using pakprep.com. Yes please ask what you want to ask in detail so that we can help you.
      Team Pakprep

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Sheheryar,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes yopu can apply but you have to score 85% marks in the PIEAS entry test. You should work very hard for the preparation of the Entry test. We provide you a platform from which many students have secured their admissions. Pakprep.com provides you 15000+ fully explained MCQs for the preparation of the Entry test. Follow the below mentioned links to start your preparation. For more details call us at 03355833265.
      Team Pakprep.com

  3. Ali Arshad

    I got 90% in part 1,so how many marks or percentage should I have to get to ensure my admission in pieas??

  4. Faizan Ali

    Sir . i have got 95% in matric and 86% in fsc part 1 . Now how much marks should i gain to get admission in pieas for BS

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Faizan:

      We appreciate your interest in using pakprep.com. You have to score 75-80% marks in PIEAS entry test in order to secure your admission. We have complete preparation material for PIEAS, NUST, ECAT and all other Engineering Universities. Our more than 15,000+ MCQs with answers and explanations along with past papers and MOCK tests will help you in getting good marks in entry test. Please follow the bellow mentioned links to start your preparation. For more details you can call us at 0335-5833265.


      Team Pakprep


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