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USAID Scholarships for UHS, Dow University, Khyber Medical College

Last year USAID provided financial assistance & scholarships for pursuing higher education in medical in the following medical universities of Pakistan.

  1. University of Health Sciences, Lahore
  2. Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi
  3. Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

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USAID Scholarships for NUST, PIEAS, UET Lahore, UET Peshawar, Mehran University

In year 2014 USAID provided financial assistance & scholarships for study at undergraduate & graduate level in the following disciplines at the selected 29 Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutions.

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Medical
  • Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Social Sciences¬†

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Important Dates for GIKI Entry Test 2015

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering sciences and Technology (GIKI) has announced the schedule for entry test for its BS programs for the year 2015. Entry test will be held on 5th of July 2015. Last date of submission for entry test forms is 26th of April 2015. Be sure to apply in time or your application would not be considered for the GIKI entry test for the year 2015. Here are the important dates for the GIKI entry test for the year 2015.
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Accredited Engineering Colleges & Universities in Islamabad, Pakistan

Choosing right engineering university is very important for your career. Some of the top engineering programs in Pakistan like NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, FAST, LUMS, PIEAS etc are very competitive. If you do not get admission in top tier universities, make sure that you join an engineering university that has an accredited program. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is the regulatory authority for the accredition of engineering program. In Islamabad 21 engineering colleges are accredited by PEC with total of 43 engineering programs. You must note that not all programs of a university might be accredited.
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List of Accredited Engineering Universities & Colleges in Punjab

When you are applying for an Engineering degree it is important to ensure that the degree is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The recognition not only ensures the quality of the university or college but may also be important for applying for certain jobs especially in the Government sector. Note that a university may be accredited by PEC but all of its programs might not be accredited. So be careful. There are 44 accredited engineering institutions in Punjab. Total number of accredited engineering programs are 121. Here is the list of accredited universities in Punjab as of December 2014. This list is regularly updated by PEC, so refere to their website for further details.
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UET Lahore Merit List 2014

Many students interested in joining UET Lahore, UET Faisalabad, UET Kala Shah Kaku and UET Gujranwala (Rachna) are interested in the last year merit list. Although each year’s merit list depends on the difficulty of the test. Here is the merit list for UET lahore and its various campuses for entry test 2014.
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Important Integration Formulas for GIKI, NUST NET, KPK ETEA, FAST, UET, NED and PIEAS Entry Tests.

If you want to succeed in engineering, you must be good at solving Integration problems. That is why NUST NET, GIKI entry test, FAST entry test, KPK ETEA, UET entry test, Punjab ECAT, NED entry test, PIEAS entry test, MAJU entry test, IIU entry test and entry tests for other leading engineering universities in Pakistan regularly feature integration MCQs from FSc part II syllabus. We highly recommend that you remember all of the following integration formulas for your entry test.  Continue reading

Important Trigonometry Formulas for NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, ETEA Entry Tests 2015

If you are applying for NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, ETEA, FAST entry test 2015 or entry tests of other leading engineering universities in Pakistan, you should be good at maths. In the past all entry tests of Pakistani engineering universities have featured MCQs from Trigonometry. Therefore, prepare your self well on trigonometry MCQs by practicing online though www, that has more than 400 trigonometry MCQs. One of the tricks is to remember all the important trigonometry formulas. Here is the list of formulas that should be at your finger tips,
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FMDC Entry Test for MBBS Session 2014-15

Federal Medical and Dental College FMDC has announced the dates for admission to fourth Batch of MBBS for year 2014-15. FMDC entry test would be held on 26th of March 2015. FMDC is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The entry test for FMDC is MCQ based. It is conducted by NTS and has the following format:
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Important Dates for Aga Khan University Medical College (AKU) MBBS Entry Test

Here are the important dates for Aga Khan University Medical College (AKU) MBBS entry test for the year 2014. The timeline of entry test is expected to be same in 2015. Prospective students must be prepared for the Aga khan entry test 2015 in June and interviews in the month of August or September 2015. Please refer to Aga Khan University website for most up to date information.
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