ISSB preparation for Pakistan Army, PAF and PN Cadet

ISSB is compulsory for getting commission in Pakistan army as an officer or to join PAF as pilot or Pakistan navy as PN Cadet. ISSB is based on intelligence test, test on Islamic studies, Pakistan studies, psychological test and physical exam. Commission in any branch of the armed forces of Pakistan very competitive and candidate should prepare well for the tests. However, we strongly recommend to prepare all year long to sharpen and develop your aptitude and test taking skills. has now launched the complete coursework for ISSB Intelligence test preparation. Here are the details on the ISSB exam.

For ISSB firstly students have to pass the intelligence test. In intelligence test there are three types of Questions

  • Verbal Questions (96 Questions in 30 minutes)
  • Non-verbal Questions (96 Questions in 40 minutes)
  • Academic questions including Islamic studies, Pak Study, English etc (50 Questions in 30 minutes)

These tests are online and taken in the examination center. This is followed by written questions which are of three types,

  • Verbal Questions
  • Non verbal Questions
  • Mechanical Test

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6 thoughts on “ISSB preparation for Pakistan Army, PAF and PN Cadet

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Rasuaa:
      We appreciate your interest in using Girls can only apply in PAF as GDP officers or as an Aeronautical Engineer. However dates are over now next course is expected in September. Please follow the bellow mentioned link for your preparation. For more details you can call us at 0335-5833265.
      Team Pakprep

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Noor
      We appreciate your interest in using Yes you can apply in Short Service Commission, as a doctor. But you can apply for this after completing your MBBS. Registrations are open, please visit below mentioned link for requirements and to apply online;

      Team Pakprep


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