UHS MCAT Syllabus for English

English section of UHS MCAT test consists of 30 MCQ’s. These mcq’s are divided in to four major parts. Pakprep.com provides the complete coursework for the UHS MCAT preparation.  Join www.pakprep.com now to prepare for UHS MCAT. Here is the details of each part.



Part I:
This Part contains four Questions. Candidates have to select appropriate word from the given alternatives.
 Part II:
This section contains six questions. It contains sentences with grammatical mistake and students have to find error.
 Part III:
There are ten questions in this part, each question consist of four sentences. Candidates have to choose grammatically correct sentence from given choices.
Part IV:
This part contains ten questions in total with the option of four choices. Candidates have to choose correct synonyms.
Some Usefull words for UHS Test:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Balk
  3. Assume
  4. Acumen
  5. Facile

For more words click here
Entry Test Preparation

6 thoughts on “UHS MCAT Syllabus for English

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Ayesha:
      We appreciate your interest in using pakprep.com. Yes you can get admission but you need to improve your marks in FSC and also your admission depend upon your entry test marks. So you have to work hard for preparation of Entry test. Please follow the bellow mentioned links for your preparation. For more details you can call us at 0335-5833265.
      Team Pakrep

  1. Muaz Haider

    I got 57% marks in fsc part 1. can i appear in mdcat test 2019 just for formality bcoz i want to got addmission in any private medical college

    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Muaz
      We appreciate your interest in using Pakprep.com. Minimum requirement is 60% marks in FSC, so you have to improve your marks and apply after that.

      Team Pakprep

  2. Ali Syed

    Dear Sir,

    I have got 72% in FSC and i know i cannot get admission in any medical college in MBBS faculty in public sector.
    (90% marks in Metric science subjects such as biology, chemistry & Physics)
    (85% marks in FSC biology, chemistry & physics)
    The percentage drop in FSC in English, Urdu, Pakistan studies etc)

    The only available chance is private sector by paying high tuition fee/anum.

    Under this situation, please suggest good recognized medical college with average fee so that i shall try for my dream.

    I didn’t went for NTS, because even if i get 90% marks i cannot be reach to 80% +

    Awaiting your good suggestion by return.


    1. Pakprep.com Admin Post author

      Dear Ali:

      We appreciate your interest in using pakprep.com. All private medical colleges have same fee structure, which is around 850,000 to 1,000,000 per year. Please visit PMDC website to get list of recognized medical colleges all are same.

      Team Pakprep


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