How to calculate Aggregate for UHS MCAT

MCAT is a primary test to get admission in public sector Medical colleges in Punjab. There are very limited seats available in public sector Medical colleges. Each year around 45,000 plus students appear for MCAT test.  There are around 3000 seats available in 17 public sector medical colleges in Punjab. So competition is so high students need to work hard to get good aggregate. provides complete coursework for the preparation of MCAT entry test. Formula for Aggregate calculation sees below;

The weight-age formula as per Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) for Punjab MCAT Entry test as follow,
Matric is 10%
Intermediate is 40%
MCAT entrance Test result is 50%
A smart plan can let you to score good marks. Your MCAT result totally depends upon how you prepare yourself for it. How to calculate your aggregate for MCAT.
Marks obtained in matric = m
Maximum marks of matric = mx
Marks obtain in FSc out of 1100 = f
Marks obtained in entry test out of 1100 = e
The formula is (m/mx)*1100*0.1 + f * 0.4 + e * 0.5
Marks obtained in matric = 850
Maximum marks of matric = 1100
Marks obtain in FSc out of 1100 = 950
Marks obtained in entry test out of 1100 = 900
Aggregate Marks = (850/1100)*1100*0.1 + 950*0.4 + 900*0.5 = 85 + 380 + 450 = 860.8
Aggregate Percentage = 915*100/1100 = 83.18

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