Important Biology topics for Punjab MCAT

Medical college Admission test known as Punjab MCAT, supervised by University of health Sciences (UHS). Candidates willing to get admission in affiliated medical colleges of Punjab must have to appear MCAT test organized by UHS. UHS MCAT test is very hard and every year thousands of students apply for it, only those students get admission who score well in it. has complete database for the preparation of MCAT test. Here are important topics for Punjab MCAT test.


S.NO Topic MCQs
1 Introduction to Biology 01
2 Cell Biology 10
3 Biological Molecules
a) Carbohydrates 02
b) Proteins 01
c) Lipids 01
d) Nucleic Acids 01
e) Enzymes 04
4 Microbiology
a) Virus 01
b) Bacteria 02
c) Fungi 01
5 Kingdom Animalia 05
6 Human Physiology
a) Digestive System 05
b) Gas exchange and Transportation 05
c) Excretion and Osmoregulation 06
d) Nervous System 04
e) Reproduction 05
f) Support and Movement 05
g) Hormonal Control ( Endocrine Glands) 04
h) Immunity 05
7 Bioenergetics 05
8 Biotechnology 05
9 Ecosystem 05
10 Evolution and Genetics 05
Total 88

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