Changes Noticed in UHS MCAT New Syllabus for Chemistry

UHS (University of Health & Sciences) Punjab announced new syllabus for MCAT test for 2017 session for Medical college admissions. Medical College Admission Test commonly known as MCAT. To get admission in Public sector medical colleges of Punjab students have to appear in UHS MCAT or Punjab MCAT test. In Punjab there are 20 public sector medical colleges. In 2016 around 56,000 students appeared in MCAT test and total number of seats available in all public sector medicals colleges are 3400. UHS MCAT announced new syllabus for 2017 session due to major changes in course work of FSC and A levels. In new MCAT syllabus for 2017 session they gave major importance to some topics of Organic Chemistry and some other topic. Due to less number of seats available in Public sector medical colleges competition is so high in MCAT test and only those students can secure admission who perform well in MCAT test. offers best opportunity for students preparing for MCAT test. We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s of all subjects included in MCAT test, along with MOCK test of MCAT which provides real time environment before actual test. To start your preparation click here. UHS MCAT new syllabus of Chemistry is given bellow;

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Chemistry New Syllabus of MCAT 2017:

Old Syllabus No of MCQ’s New Syllabus No of MCQ’s
A. Physical Chemistry A. Physical Chemistry
1. Fundamental concepts 02 1. Fundamental concepts 04
2. States of matter 02 2. States of matter 02
3. Atomic structure 02 3. Atomic structure 02
4. Chemical bonding 02 4. Chemical bonding 02
5. Chemical energetics 02 5. Chemical energetics 02
6. Solutions 02
7. Electrochemistry 02 6. Electrochemistry 02
8. Chemical Equilibrium 02 7. Chemical Equilibrium 02
9. Reaction kinetics 02 8. Reaction kinetics / Chemical Kinetics 02
B. Inorganic Chemistry B. Inorganic Chemistry
1. Periods 02 1. Periods 02
2. Groups 02 2. Groups 02
3. Transition elements 02 3. Transition elements 02
C. Organic Chemistry C. Organic Chemistry
1. Fundamental principles 02 1. Fundamental principles 03
2. Hydrocarbon 02 2. Hydrocarbon 04
3. Alkyl halides 02 3. Alkyl halides 04
4. Alcohols and Phenols 04 4. Alcohols and Phenols 04
5. Aldehydes and Ketones 03 5. Aldehydes and Ketones 04
6. Carboxylic acid 03 6. Carboxylic acid 04
7. Amino acids 06 7. Amino acids 02
8. Macromolecules 06 8. Macromolecules 03
9. Environmental chemistry
02 9. Environmental chemistry
Total MCQ’s 54 Total MCQ’s 54

Changes in New MCAT Syllabus for Chemistry: 
University of health and Science (UHS) gave more importance to some topics of chemistry in MCAT syllabus 2017. List of new topics is;

  1. Physical Chemistry
  • Fundamental concepts
  1. Organic Chemistry
  • Fundamental principles
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Alkyl halides
  • Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Carboxylic acid

Another major point noted in MCAT new syllabus for 2017 session, that they reduces weightage of some topics in Chemistry which holds major portion in old syllabus of MCAT. Also they exclude Physical chemistry topic of solution. List of these topics are:

  • Amino acids
  • Macro-molecules

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