UHS Announced New Syllabus of Biology for MCAT Test 2017

Sheikh Nabeel, Nishtar Medical College (2016)UHS announced new syllabus for MCAT test. MCAT test stands for Medical College Admission Test. MCAT is a major test for getting admission in Public sector medical colleges of Punjab and only those students can appear in MCAT test who have domicile of Punjab. There are 20 public sector medical colleges in Punjab with 3400 total seats in all medical colleges. UHS MCAT new syllabus 2017 is announced and they give significant important to some topics of biology and also ignored some topics which were part of old Syllabus. Some major changes are noticed in new MCAT 2017 syllabus for Biology. Pakprpe.com provides complete material for the preparation of MCAT. We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s along with MOCK test of MCAT. To start your preparation click here. UHS MCAT new syllabus of Biology is given bellow;

Biology New Syllabus of MCAT 2017:

Old Syllabus No of MCQ’s New Syllabus No of MCQ’s
1. Introduction to Biology 04
2. Cell Biology 10 1. Cell Biology 10
3. Biological Molecules 2. Biological Molecules
a) Carbohydrates 02 a) Carbohydrates 02
b) Proteins 01 b) Proteins 02
c) Lipids 01 c) Lipids 01
d) Nucleic Acid 01 d) Nucleic Acid 02
e) Enzymes 04 e) Enzymes 03
4. Microbiology 3. Microbiology
a) Virus 01 a) Virus 02
b) Bacteria 02 b) Bacteria 02
c) Fungi 01 c) Fungi 01
5. kingdom Animalia and Plantae 05 4. kingdom Animalia 02
6. Human Physiology 5. Human Physiology
a) Digestive System 04 a) Digestive System 04
b) Gas exchange and Transportation 04 b) Gas exchange 04
c) Excretion and Osmoregulation 05 c) Transportation 04
d) Nervous System 04 d) Homeostasis 05
e) Reproduction 05 e) Nervous System 04
f) Support and Movement 05 f) Reproduction 04
g) Hormonal Control (Endocrine Glands) 04 g) Support and Movement 05
h) Immunity 05 h) Hormonal Control 04
7. Bioenergetics 05 I) Immunity 03
8. Biotechnology 05 6. Bioenergetics 06
9. Ecosystem 05 7. Biotechnology 05
10. Evolution and Genetics 05 8. Ecosystem 02
9. Evolution 03
10. Genetics 08
Total MCQ’s 88 Total MCQ’s 88

AIMC Testimonial
University of health and Science (UHS) gave significant weight-age to some topics of Biology in MCAT syllabus 2017. List of topics is;

  • Proteins
  • Nucleic Acid
  • Virus
  • Gas exchange
  • Transportation
  • Homeostasis
  • Evolution
  • Genetics

Another major point noticed in Biology MCAT new syllabus for 2017 session, that they reduces weightage of some topics in biology  which holds major portion in old syllabus of MCAT. Also they exclude Introduction to Biology and Excretion and Osmoregulation. List of these topics are:

  • Enzymes
  • kingdom Animalia
  • Reproduction
  • Immunity
  • Ecosystem

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  1. shehryar

    I need some guidance regarding biology syllabus.In the sub topic HOMEOSTASIS do i just have to focus on kidney structure and diseases or whole chapter of homeostasis as in textbook?also guide me about other human physiology topics .Thanks

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    I want online preparation for UHS MDCAT/MCAT. But I am unable to do this. Plz sir help me. I try to register with my email but there is no response. I urgently want preparation because on this Sunday UHS test will be held.


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