New UHS MCAT Syllabus for 2017

UHS MCAT has revised its syllabus for entry tests for 2017. Most of the changes are in Physics syllabus with minor changes in chemistry and biology. is the first source to revise its whole syllabus for UHS MCAT as per the new test syllabus. Register now to prepare for UHS MCAT 2017.
You can download UHS MCAT 2017 syllabus at the link

Here is the summary of some of the changes made in physics syllabus:
Topics on Motion and Force have been expanded to include additional topics from FSc Syllabus e.g velocity time graphs, concept on displacement, acceleration etc. Here are all the sub-topics included in Motion and Force topic.

  1. Understand the concept of displacement, distance, speed, velocity and acceleration.
  2. Understand  velocity–time graph.
  3. Review equations of motion.
  4. Recall Newton’s Laws of motion.
  5. Define momentum and describe law of conservation of momentum.
  6. Derive and explain the relation between the force and rate of change of momentum.
  7. Define impulse and understand the concept of f=mv.
  8. Understand projectile motion and its applications.
  9. Define moment of force or torque and use of torque due to force.
  10. Define the equilibrium, its conditions and use it to solve problems.

Fluid Dynamics chapter has been excluded completely from UHS MCAT 2017 Syllabus
Circulation Motion chapter has been included which was formerly not part of UHS MCAT syllabus
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Major changes in Waves, Light and Oscillations. With optics sections taken out completely from the new UHS MCAT Syllabus.

  • Instead of optics the light chapter has following sub topics
  • Define and explain interference of light waves with constructive and destructive interference.
  • Describe Young’s Double Slit experiment and understand the concept of fringe spacing, dark and bright fringes.
  • Explain diffraction grating and solve problems using the formula of diffraction grating
  • Explain the basic principle of Optical Fiber.

Expansion of topics in electromagnetism, electronics, electrostatics and current electricity. These topics had limited representation in old syllabus. Now they have been expanded with total change of topics included in electronics. Logic gates no more included in the syllabus.
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Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics section have inclusion of new subtopics e.g Knowledge of the concept of Hadrons, Leptons and Quarks, while excluding some subtopics from old syllabus.
Well the good news is that you do not have to worry about the changes in syllabus. has done it for you. Practice your MCQs for physics, chemistry and biology as per the new MCAT syllabus. is targeted and designed to score more in UHS MCAT. Good luck with your test preparation.

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