Biology MCQ's with Answers for ETEA Medical Test

ETEA stands for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Medical test is for Public sector medical colleges of KPK and only student form KPK, Azad Jamu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan can appear in this test. ETEA test is very competitive and only those students can get admission whose score good marks in ETEA test. ETEA test is consist of Biology, Physics, English and Chemistry MCQ’s. provides complete material for the preparation of ETEA test. We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQs with answers which help students to clear concept in more details and by our course students can get maximum marks in ETEA medical test. Last year many students prepared and got successful in ETEA test. Topper of ETEA Medical test 2016 “Sualeh Hassan” prepare from   Here are some explained questions of Biology with answers from;

Sualeh Hassan, ETEA Medical Topper, (2016)
Biology MCQ’s with explanation for ETEA preparation:
 Topic: Bioenergetics
Where the lactic acid fermentation does occurs in human beings?
Answer A:  All body cells
Answer B: Muscle cells
Answer C: Some cells in different parts
Answer D: It does not take place in human beings
Correct: B
The lactic acid fermentation occurs only in muscle cells in human beings only during the extreme activities when oxygen cannot be provided.
Topic: Virus, Bacteria & Fungi
There exists a close association between the alga and the fungus within the lichen. The fungus?
Answer A: Provides food for the algae.
Answer B: Provides protection, anchorage and absorption for the algae.
Answer C: Fixes the atmospheric nitrogen for the algae.
Answer D: Releases oxygen for the algae.
 Correct: B
Lichen are peculiar dual organisms produced by the intimate association of two organisms a fungus and an algae. The association between the two organisms is symbiosis. Both the organisms are mutually benefitted in this association and are dependent on each other. The algae cell photosynthesizes with the help of chloroplast. Therefore linchens are autotrophic. A part of these manufactured carbohydrates are used by the alga in its nutrition, the rest is supplied to the fungal partner. The fungus in turn provides protection to its algae partner from each other. The algal partner is called phycobiont and the fungal partner is called mycobiont.
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Ahmed Asif Ayub College
Topic: Kingdom Plantae & Animalia
Which of the following products is not obtained from the petals of rose commonly called Gulabs?
Answer A: Rose water
Answer B: Gulkand
Answer C: Rose oil
Answer D: Vegetable oil
Correct: D
It is usually obtained from the species of Fabaceae family all other three products are obtained from the Roscaceae (Rose family).
Topic: Digestion
Which component of a sundew attracts insects?
Answer A: Shape of leaf
Answer B: Plant’s odour
Answer C: Flowers
Answer D: Fruit
Correct: B
Leaves of sundew have glands at its tips which have a special pdour that attracts insects.

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