Chemistry MCQ’s with Answers and Explanation For ETEA Medical Test Preparation

ETEA Medical is the test for Public sector Medical colleges of KPK. ETEA test is very technical and competition is very high due to less number of seats available in Public sector medical colleges of KPK. There is a negative marking in ETEA test so students have to be careful while answering each question because every wrong answer will deduct 1 marks. ETEA test will be from course book of KPK. In ETEA test they test the skills and concepts of students from only four subjects which are Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English. To get desired result in ETEA test students have to prepare them self with full concepts and technical knowledge of all subjects. is the best source for the preparation of ETEA Medical test. contains more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s with answers and Explanation which help students in clearing their concept and it also help them to understand the tricks used in ETEA exam. To start your preparation for ETEA, AMC, FMDC Clich here.

Here are some sample questions of Chemistry for ETEA Medical test preparation:

Sualeh Hassan, ETEA Medical Topper, (2016)
TOPIC: Gases, Liquids & Solids
If dipole-dipole forces of X are stronger than Y. then which of the following is not true?
Answer A: X has higher melting point than Y
Answer B: X has higher boiling point than Y
Answer C: Y has lower heat of vaporization than X
Answer D: Y has greater heat of sublimation than X

Correct: D


Greater the strength of dipole-dipole forces, greater the values of thermodynamic parameters like melting point, boiling point, heat of vaporization and heat of sublimation. Hence D is wrong.

TOPIC: Atomic Structure

Which subshell can by occupied by a maximum of 10 electrons?
Answer A: S-subshell
Answer B: P-subshell
Answer C: D-subshell
Answer D: F-subshell

Correct: C

D-subshell can occupied by a maximum of 10 electrons. The formula for calculating the number of electrons in a subshell is given as: 2(2l+1) where as in case of d-subshell the value of l=2. Thus the number of electrons in d-shell = 2(2l+1) = 2(5) = 10 electrons.
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TOPIC: Chemical Bonding

The shape of SnCl2 according to VSEPR theory is:
Answer A: Tetrahedral
Answer B: Linear
Answer C: Trigonal Pyramidal
Answer D: Bent or Angular

Correct: D


The lone pair of electrons presents on Sn produces stronger repulsion and changes the shape of SnCl2 from linear to bent or angular.

TOPIC: Solutions

10 grams of glucose are dissolved in water to make 100cm3 of its solution, its molarity is,
Answer A: 0.55
Answer B: 0.1
Answer C: 10
Answer D: 1

Correct: A


Moles of glucose in 10g = 0.055
Volume 10 cm3 = 0.01L
Molarity = 0.055-0.01 = 0.55
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