Biology MCQ's with Answers and Solution for AMC/NUMS Test Preparation

To get admission in Army Medical College (AMC), CHM Lahore, CMH Multan, Wah Medical College and Quetta institute of Medical Sciences in MBBS & BDS students have to appear in NUMS entry test. Every year thousands of students appears in NUMS test only few secure admission in AMC and other affiliated colleges of NUMS due to less number of seats available. NUMS/AMC entry test is very conceptual due to which only those students can get good marks who have good knowledge of subjects included in NUMS entry test. To get desired results in NUMS/AMC test students have to prepare all course books and practice maximum MCQ’s of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English. AS in NUMS/ AMC less number of seats are available which led the competition so high, we recommend all students to practice maximum MCQ’s from for NUMS/AMC entry test. provides more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and solution. For your preparation click here.  Here are some sample MCQ’s of Biology for AMC/NUMS test with answers and solution.

AIMC Testimonial
Topic: Immunity
Snake bite is treated with which type of Immunization?

  • Answer A: Active
  • Answer B: Passive
  • Answer C: Humoral
  • Answer D: Specific

Correct: B
Snake bite is treated by passive immunity. Antibodies are introduced directly in the body. When antibodies are introduced directly in human body is called passive immunity.



Topic: Kingdom Plantae and Animalia
Which of the following character is missing in Kingdom Animalia?

  • Answer A: Multicellular
  • Answer B: Eukaryotic
  • Answer C: Diploid
  • Answer D: Autotrophs

Correct: D
Animal are multicellular, diploid, eukaryotic and ingestive heterotrophs while they cannot prepare their own food so autotrophic character is missing in kingdom Animalia this character belongs to Kingdom Plantae.

 Topic: Biological Molecules
Which of the following lipids is mixture of long chain alkanes with odd number of Carbons and alcohols, ketones and esters?

  • Answer A: Acylglycerols
  • Answer B: Terpenoids
  • Answer C: Waxes
  • Answer D: Phospholipids

Correct: C
Waxes are a mixture of long chain alkanes with odd number of Carbons and alcohols, ketones and esters. Waxes prevent plants from water loss and provides water barrier for animals and insects.
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