How to Download Roll Number Slip for FMDC Test

Important announcement for those students who did not received their ETC/ FMDC test also known as HEC test roll numbers. ETC/HEC dispatched roll numbers to students however some students still waiting for roll numbers. Students are required to visit HEC website to get roll number slips for ETC test. ETC/ HEC test is going to help on 7Th and 8Th October 2017. HEC test will include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English MCQ’s. To get MOCk test and preparation material for ETC/FMDC test login to We have more than 15,000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation. To start your preparation click here. How to get FMDC/HEC roll number slip.

Sheikh Nabeel, Nishtar Medical College (2016)
How to Download Roll Number Slip: 
To download EHC/FMDC roll number slip Click here and enter your CNIC number you will get your roll number slip. Read all instructions carefully and print your Slip.

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