ECAT Chemistry MCQ’s with Answers

ECAT stands for Engineering Collage Admission Test, this test is for getting admission in Public sector engineering universities of Punjab.  Around more than 40,000+ students appear in ECAT test every year but there are only 3,000 seats are available in Public Sector universities of Punjab. So as we can see from numbers it is a tough task to clear this test. ECAT test is consist of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English MCQ’s. You can get yourself prepared from, We have more than 15,000+ fully explained MCQ’s and MOCK Test for ECAT.  To start your preparation today Click here.  Here are some of the samples MCQ’s of chemistry with answers from
MCQ’s from Topic: Gases, Liquid & Solid
The graph between temperature in o C and volume of a gas shall cut the temperature axis at?

  • Answer A : 0 0C
  • Answer B : 273 0C
  • Answer C : -273 0C
  • Answer D : -546 0C

Correct: C
Reason: The straight line between V and T shall cut the temperature axis at -273 o C or O K. At this temperature the volume of gas would be zero.
MCQ’s from Topic: Basics of Chemistry
Empirical formula and molecular formula of a compound?

  • Answer A : Are always same
  • Answer B : Are always different
  • Answer C : May be same or different
  • Answer D : Same only for the inorganic compounds

Reason: Molecular formula = n (Empirical formula) where n may have value 1, 2, 3….. So if n = 1 then they both are equal else they are different.
MCQ’s from Topic: Atomic Structure
(n + l) value for 5f orbital will be?

  • Answer A : 5
  • Answer B : 6
  • Answer C : 7
  • Answer D : 8

Correct: D
Reason: As the n value is always the digit thus in this case the value of n = 5 while the value of azimuthal quantum number (l) is 3 thus for (n + l) the value will be 8.

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