Chemistry MCQ’s with Explanation for MDCAT Test

University of Health and Sciences (UHS) conduct test for Public sector and Private sector medical colleges of Punjab is known as Medical and Dental College admission test (MDCAT). UHS conduct MDCAT test for MBBS & BDS admissions for almost 3400 seats available in Public sector medical colleges of Punjab. MDCAT test is very competitive more than 50000 students try their luck by taking MDCAT test but few of them succeed. MDCAT test is very difficult and students need to clear concepts in detail in order to get good marks in UHS test. UHS (MDCAT) test will consist of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English MCQ’s. To get admission in Public sector and private sector medical colleges of Punjab appearance in MDCAT test is mandatory. MDCAT test also have negative marking, every correct answer will add 5 marks in total and each wrong answer will deduct -1 marks from total. provides a platform where students can prepare for MDCAT test and can also monitor your progress. We have more than 15,000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation from all subjects which are included in MDCAT test. To start your preparation Click here. Here are the sample questions of Chemistry with explanation for MDCAT test preparation;

Topic: Atomic Structure

If a stone of 1 gm  is moving with a velocity of 10 m/s then its wavelength will be:

  • Answer A:  6.65 x 10-30 m
  • Answer B:  6.65 x 10-25 m
  • Answer C:  6.65 x 10-28 m
  • Answer D:  6.65 x 10-32 m

Correct Answer: D


Topic: Group I to VI Elements

Which of the following does not form an oxide on heating?

  • Answer A: KNO3
  • Answer B: Na2CO3
  • Answer C: Li2CO3
  • Answer D:  CaCO3

Correct Answer: B


Na2CO3  is a stable carbonate and is not decomposed into its oxide on heating. 

Topic: Alcohols, Phenol’s and Esther

Which of the following is not obtained through the fermentation of starch?

  • Answer A: Glucose
  • Answer B: Fructose
  • Answer C: Maltose
  • Answer D: Ethanol

Correct Answer: B


In the presence of the specific enzyme the starch converts to maltose; maltose to glucose and then glucose to ethanol. The whole reaction is completed in the presence of water. Fructose is not produced in the process.

Topic: Transition Element

The trace metal present in insulin is?

  • Answer A: Mn
  • Answer B: Co
  • Answer C: Fe
  • Answer D: Zn

Correct Answer: D


Insulin is an important compound of human body and is organometallic of Zn.

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