Biology MCQ’s with Explanation for MDCAT Test Preparation

Medical and Dental College admission test which is also known as MDCAT test is for getting admission in Public sector and Private sector medical colleges of Punjab. Every Year University of Health and Sciences (UHS) conduct MDCAT test for MBBS and BDS admission in Public sector and Private sector medical colleges of Punjab.  There are limited seats available in public and private sector medical colleges of Punjab and thousands of students appear in MDCAT test every year however every less can secure admission due to high competition level. MDCAT test will consist of 220 MCQ’s from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. Only those students can get good marks in MDCAT test who clear concepts in details. To get full preparation material for MDCAT test visit We have more than 15,000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation along with past papers and MOCK test for MDCAT test. To start your preparation Click here. Here is the sample questions of Biology with explanation for MDCAT test preparation;

Topic: Cell Biology

During which phase of meiosis paired chromosomes repel each other and begin to separate?

  • Answer A:  Leptotene
  • Answer B:  Zygotene
  • Answer C:  Pachytene
  • Answer D:  Diplotene

Correct Answer: D


Chromosomes begin to separates during diplotene. During this phase chromosomes separate from one another a little. The chromosomes themselves uncoil a bit, allow some transcription of DNA.

Topic: Enzymes

What is the main deviation of induced fit model from the lock and key model?

  • Answer A:  Induced fir model proposed that enzymes active site is a rigid structure
  • Answer B:  Induced fit model proposed that the activation site is which small than the one proposed by the lock and fir model
  • Answer C:  Induced fit model proposed that the substrate an change the structure of the enzyme
  • Answer D:  All of the above

Correct Answer: C


Topic: Biotechnology

Which one is antibiotic resistance gene for tetracycline and ampicillin?

  • Answer A:  pSC 101
  • Answer B:  pBR 322
  • Answer C:  pCR 322
  • Answer D:  None of the above

Correct Answer: B


pSC 101 has antibiotic resistant gene for tetracycline while pBR322 has antibiotic resistance gene for both tetracycline and ampicillin.

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