Physics Explained MCQ’s for AJK State Entry Test

University of Health and Sciences (UHS) and Joint admission Committee (JAC) is the main body responsible for conducting entry test of MBBS and BDS admissions for Public sector and Private sector medical colleges of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. AJK state entry test for MBBS and BDS admissions will consist of 220 MCQ’s from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. AJK entry test will be distributed as Biology (88) question, Chemistry (58) questions, Physics (44) questions and English (30) questions. Every year thousands of students appear in AJK state entry test from Azad Jammu and Kashmir for limited number of seats available in medical colleges of AJK, which led the competition high and only those students can score good marks whose will clear concepts in detail. AJ&K state entry test is very technical and conceptual so only depth preparation will help students in getting good score. have all preparation material which helps students in clearing concept in detail. Our more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation will help students in score high marks in AJK entry test. To start your preparation Click here. Here is the sample questions of Physics with explanation for MDCAT test preparation;

Topic: Measurement

How many derived System International (SI) units Physical quantities can have?

  • Answer A:  2
  • Answer B:  7
  • Answer C:  11
  • Answer D:  Infinite

Correct Answer: D


As derived units are derived from any combination of base and supplementary units. Possibilities are limitless.

Sample biology MCQ’s for AJK State entry test

Sample chemistry MCQ’s for AJK State entry test

Topic: Motion and Force

A 1500kg vehicle has its velocity reduced from 20m/s to 15m/s in 3.0 seconds. How large was the average retarding fore?

  • Answer A:  -500 N
  • Answer B:  -1500 N
  • Answer C:  -2500 N
  • Answer D:  -3000 N

Correct Answer: C


Topic: Heat

If absolute temperature of a gas container is increased by 4 times and the volume of the container is also increased by 4 times, the pressure of the gas on the container?

  • Answer A:  Remains same
  • Answer B:  Increase by 4 times
  • Answer C:  Increase by 8 times
  • Answer D:  Increase by 16 times

Correct Answer: A


P=nRT/V now if T=4T and V=4V, P remains same.





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