National University of Science and Technology is one of the top Engineering University of Pakistan. Students across the Pakistan desired to get admission in NUST Engineering and Business studies programs. Registration for NET 2 has been started and last date to apply for NET 2 is 11 March 2019. Test dates will be starting from 19 March 2019. To get Admission in NUST all students have to appear in the NUST Entry test known as NET test in order to get admission in engineering, Medical and Business or other faculties in NUST. NUST Entrance Test or NET is held three times a year. We recommend our students to apply in all three time and apply on the basis of best score. To register yourself for NET 2 please CLICK HERE. gives you a platform where you can study as well as clear your concepts in a proper way by the given explanations. You can study online 15000+ solved MCQ’s along with explanation, past papers and MOCK test. Smart analytics will keep a log of all your mistakes so that you can revise them just before your actual test. also provides facility of MOCK test which are prepared according to university criteria and also marked according to their standards. MOCK test helps our students to analyze their current situation in a better way. To start your preparation today for any medical or engineering university please CLICK HERE.


You can apply for NUST NET-2 online, you need to create an account which can be done by visiting below mentioned link;

Registration for NUST Entry Test (NET) Application requires opening of an account for which you need to fill up the information under Create Login. All fields are mandatory. Having filled up the fields click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Your User Name and Password will be sent to your email account immediately.


  • Filling of wrong information in Online Application may lead to cancellation of admission.
  • Keep your User Name and Password protected.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your account, while exiting from Online Application always logout and close your browser.
  • To avoid blocking of mail sent by NUST, add e-mail address “” to your e-mail address book.

How to calculate NUST NET Aggregate:

If a student scored following marks in Matric, FSC and NET 2 test how he/she will calculate aggregate score.

Marks obtained in Matic: 940          Total marks in Matric: 1100

Marks obtained in FSC: 800            Total marks in FSc: 1100

Marks obtained in NET 2: 140         Total NET 2 Marks: 200

NUST consider 75% test marks, so

Marks obtained in NET2 x 75        =   140*75/200= 52.5

Total NET 2 Marks

NUST consider 15% FSC marks, so

Marks obtained in FSC x 15        =   800*15/1100= 10.90

Total marks in FSc

NUST consider 10% Maric marks, so

Marks obtained in matric x 10        =   940*10/1100= 8.54

Total marks in Matric

Now add 52.5+10.90+8.54= 71.94





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