Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) which is also known as “MCAT” is a standardized Test conducted by the University of Health and Sciences (UHS) in admission Lahore. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM and DC) has directed this two and half i.e (150) minutes paper based test to be held once a year and is mandatory for candidates to be able to take admission in ‘MBBS’ and ‘BDS’ degree programs in all the Private and Public Sector Medical and Dental Institutions. gives you a platform where you can study as well as clear your concepts in a proper way by the given explanations. You can study online 15000+ solved MCQ’s along with explanation, past papers and MOCK test. Smart analytics will keep a log of all your mistakes so that you can revise them just before your actual test. also provides facility of MOCK test which are prepared according to university criteria and also marked according to their standards. MOCK test helps our students to analyze their current situation in a better way. To start your preparation today for any medical or engineering university please CLICK HERE.


The syllabus of Entrance Test 2019 is given below


  1. The Cell
  2. Biological Molecules
  3. Chromosomes and DNA
  4. Cell Division
  5. Variety of Life
  6. Bioenergetics
  7. Gas Exchange
  8. Transport in Plants
  9. Transport in Human
  10. Immunity
  11. Homeostasis
  12. Muscles and Movement
  13. Communication
  14. Reproduction
  15. Genetics
  16. Biotechnology
  17. Evolution


A. Physical Chemistry

  1. Fundamental Concepts
  2. States of Matter
  3. Atomic Structure
  4. Chemical Bonding
  5. Chemical Energetics
  6. Electrochemistry
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. Reaction Kinetics

B. Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Periods
  2. Groups
  3. Transition Elements
  4. Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulphur

C. Organic Chemistry

  1.  Fundamental Principles
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Alkyl Halides (Haloalkanes)
  4. Alcohols and Phenols
  5. Aldehydes and Ketones
  6. Carboxylic Acids
  7. Amino Acids
  8. Macromolecules
  9. Environmental Chemistry


  1. Measurement
  2. Motion and Force
  3. Work, Energy and Power
  4. Circular Motion
  5. Oscillation
  6. Waves
  7. Light
  8. Heat & Thermodynamics
  9. Electrostatics
  10. Current Electricity
  11. Electromagnetism
  12. Electromagnetic Induction
  13. Deformation of Solids
  14. Electronics
  15. Modern Physics
  16. Nuclear Physics


  1. Comprehend key vocabulary
  2. Demonstrate control of tenses and sentence structure
  3. Demonstrate correct use of subject-verb agreement
  4. Demonstrate correct use of articles and prepositions
  5. Demonstrate correct use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization and punctuation


The candidate can select any of the 13 cities given below as his/her test centre. The candidates are advised for their own convenience to choose a city nearest to their residence.

  1. Multan
  2. Bahawalpur
  3. Rahim Yar Khan
  4. D.G Khan
  5. Lahore
  6. Faisalabad
  7. Sahiwal
  8. Gujrat
  9. Gujranwala
  10. Sargodha
  11. Sialkot
  12. Rawalpindi
  13. Hassan Abdal





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      We appreciate your interest in using We have complete preparation material for MDCAT, NUMS and all other Medical Colleges entry test. Our 15,000+ MCQs with answers and explanation along with past papers and MOCK test will helps you in scoring good marks in MDCAT entry test. Please follow the bellow mentioned links to start your preparation. For more details you can call us at 0335-5833265.

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