National University of Science and Technology NUST is top rated engineering university of Pakistan. NUST was founded in 1991 with an aim of providing quality education. NUST grow up dramatically in a very little time period because of their focus and dedication toward their work. NUST provide vast range of undergraduate and Master’s programs for their students. Due to their high standards and quality of education their fee structure is also high and not everyone is able to afford that. Keeping that in mind they started different scholarship programs for needy students. NUST need based scholarship program welcome every student who doesn’t have enough sources to pay the fee, NUST also provides interest free loans and provides facility of paying fee in installments. But in order to get scholarship in NUST candidates must pass their entry test exam, NUST entry test exam is considered to be the toughest engineering test in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students apply to get admission in NUST through NET. Candidates must prepare themselves fully if they want to secure a seat. is best online self-preparation system for engineering entry tests. have 15000+ solved MCQ’s along with explanation, past papers, MOCK tests and smart analytics. MOCk test simulates of real time test environment for NUST, GIKI, UET and other leading universities. Smart analytics will mentain complete log of your mistakes and help you to improve your performance. We have more than 500 successful students from last year. If you want to secure a seat in your dream university and to start your preparation today with CLICK HERE.


Engineering/IT, Bio Sciences & Natural Sciences Architecture, Social Sciences & Businesses Studies
Admission Processing Fee 35,000 35,000
Security Deposit 10,000 10,000
Semester Fee 90,000 90,000


  • Reading material fee will be charged to undergraduate students of BBA and BS Accounting & Finance @ Rs.4350/year.
  • Miscellaneous charges Rs.2700/- per Semester.

Payment of Student Fees:

  • At the time of admission students have to pay the admission processing fee, security and full semester fee in advance.
  • Invoice/Challan for admission charges along with first semester fee and Provisional Selection Letter will be available on NUST website.
  • Tuition fee will be payable on semester basis. Students have to pay their fee in advance before the commencement of semester otherwise they will not be eligible to sit in the class.
  • Through an amendment in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by Finance Act 2013, advance tax (under section 236 I) shall be collected @ 5% on the entire amount of fee (if Student Payable exceeds Rs. 200,000/- per annum excluding the amount refundable).
  • Advance tax paid on fee is adjustable at the time of filing of Income tax return. NUST will issue Advance Tax Certificate in this regard at year-end.


Engineering, IT, Bio Sciences, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Business Studies & Social Sciences
Admission Processing Fee USD 600
Tuition Fee (per anum) USD 4500
Security Deposit USD 250
Health facilities (per anum) USD 120


  • Tuition fee for the first academic year (two semesters) will be deposited as per selection letter.
  • Subsequent, tuition fee will be paid through challan form generated by Finance Directorate, NUST. The structure and schedule of payment will be intimated to the selected candidates.
  • The security deposit is payable along with the admission processing fee at the time of admission.


Main purpose of need based scholarship is to provide good quality education facility and to make NUST accessible for low or middle income families,

  1. Financial Aid includes
    • Partial or Full academic expenditure for partial or full duration of the studies.
    • Interest free loans
    • Deposit fee in installments (not applicable to admission / 1st semester dues)
  2. We will guide you through the financial aid process from application to graduation
  3. Financial Aid Office is located in H-12 Islamabad.



Submit the online NUST Need Based Financial Aid Application Form (NFAAF)

  1. NUST Need Based Financial Aid application form collects following information to determine the eligibility for financial aid:
    • Parents / guardians’ gross income,
    • Assets,
    • Number of people (earning hands & Dependents) in the household and
    • Cumulative expenses etc.
  1. Due date to submit NFAAF is the same as that of online admission application form(s). For details please click here.
  2. Candidates will be required to attach soft copy of supporting documents with NFAAF at the time of submission


Submit supporting Documents (in Hard Form) in FAO upon receiving an email from FAO. Mailing address is as under:

Room No 318, Second Floor, Main office Building, NUST, Sector H-12, Islamabad


Accept your provisional scholarship offer & Deposit Dues to secure admission and scholarship

  1. Candidates who are provisionally selected for need based scholarship at the time of admission, will receive a financial aid decision (in provisional admission offer letter) in July / August.
  2. Candidates may accept or decline provisional financial aid offer.
  3. To secure admission seat and avail scholarship slot, candidates will be required to submit admission dues 
  4. Once dues are submitted, scholarship slot may be transferred to whichever discipline candidate​ finally opts to join. Candidates may request for transfer of scholarship to other disciplines, in which they are offered admission in subsequent selection lists, by email on
  5. To decline the scholarship offer, candidates are required to send an email on


Submit Deed Of Agreement​ in Financial​ Aid Office within the specified time period.




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