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Balochistan Merit List For Private Medical Colleges 2019:

Merit No Name Father’s Name Aggregate Percentage
1 Shekiba Abdul Latif 84.9773
2 Muhammad Baloch Aijaz Ahmed 81.0909
3 Ismail Mazhar Mazhar Munir 79.9773
4 Sadat Ali Muhammad Ismail 78.6364
5 Syed Shabir Ahmed Syed Molvi Muhammad Ali Agha 78.0227
6 Abdul Basit Khan Muhammad Shoaib 77.5455
7 Zainab Asad Asad Malik 76.9773
8 Muhammad Arif Ewaz Ali 76.8864
9 Ahmed Javeddan Abdul Ghafoor Khilji 76.2727
10 Attiya Syed Syed Naeem Shah 76.0682
11 Mohammad Nameer Mohammad Nadeem 75.6136
12 Rida E Zahra Muhammad Hakeem 75.4318
13 Wakil Ahmed Rahim Ud Din 75.2045
14 Abdullah Abdul Khaliq 74.6591
15 Hafiza Zukhruf Taj Taj Ud Din 74.6591
16 Quratulain Akram Muhammad Akram 74.2727
17 Fatima Habib Babar Dr.Habibullah Babar 74
18 Bibi Shahida Juma Rahim 73.8409
19 Arifa Bibi Syed Muhammad Saleem 73.5
20 Syed Sajjad Ahmed Syed Atta Mohammad 73.3182
21 Malik Zamran Khan Muhammad Nadeem 73.2727
22 Tabassum Naseem Sahibzada M Naseem 72.7045
23 Ummul Banin Muhammad Hussain 71.7727
24 Umra Fatima Fida Mohammad 71.25
25 Sania Nathaniel Donald Nathaniel 70.7045
26 Laraib Fatima Muhammad Shafiq 70.6818
27 Hafsa Kashif Kashif Shehzad 69.7045
28 Hafsa Khan Shahid Hameed 68.8182
29 Tahira Muhammad Yaseen 67.4091
30 Shehzad Ahmed Muhammad Hayat 67.2045
31 Bakhtiyar Kasi Muhammad Tariq 66.9773
32 Saira Abdul Rasheed 66.75




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