National University of Medical Sciences which is also known as (NUMS) is one of the most prestigious institute of Pakistan. Every year students from all over Pakistan apply for this test, so the competition is quite high and this test is considered to be the toughest entry test for medical institutes. In order to secure a seat through this test, students should come with full preparation. Main reason due to which students are unable to secure good marks in entry test is because of time management. NUMS has announced 2nd merit list for AMC for the session 2019-20. Thousands of students applied for AMC through NUMS but only best among them are able to secure their admissions. is the best online entry test preparation website for any medical or engineering university. contains more than 15000 quality solved MCQ’s along with their explanation prepared by highly qualified teachers from all over Pakistan. All of our data is separated subject and then topic wise, to make preparation easy for our students. also provides facility of MOCK test which are prepared according to university criteria and also marked according to their standards. We also facilitate our students with providing past papers of all top universities of Pakistan. Smart analytics keeps record of all tests taken by our students and also keep a separate log of all mistakes. This feature help our students to examine their performance and to identify their weak areas. To start your preparation for any medical or engineering test with please CLICK HERE.

2nd Merit List For Open Merit Seats (BDS) Army Medical College:

S/No Candidate ID Name Aggregate
1 100775 Rahima Fouad Khan 94.52272727
2 105062 Hoorain Iqbal 93.38636364
3 102363 Mehak Zarif 93.34090909
4 102060 Minahil Siraj 93.31818182
5 102170 Umar Farooq 93.25000000
6 101172 Rida Fatima Iqbal 93.25000000
7 100415 Samina Noor 93.22727273

2nd Merit List For Foreign Seats (MBBS) Army Medical College:

S/No Candidate ID Name Aggregate
1 200114 Fajar Habib Butt 92.58712121
2 200257 Mahnoor Fahim 91.96212121
3 200061 Shaima Iqbal 91.12878788
4 200139 Haya Sahibzada 91.06439394
5 200179 Noor Mohammad Murtaza Qaiser 89.80303030
6 200120 Awais Basharat Bajwa 89.37500000
7 200062 Zahra Parveen 89.25000000
8 200133 Maryam Khan 89.17803030
9 200312 Zain-Ul-Abideen 89.07954545
10 200033 Amna Rehman 88.91666667
11 200096 Shaza Mansoor 88.80681818
12 200056 Asma Aamir 88.63636364
13 200264 Sahibzada Abdullah Rasool 88.53030303
14 200030 Ahmed Raza 88.47348485
15 200039 Ramsha Yousaf 88.45454545

2nd Merit List For Foreign Seats (BDS) Army Medical College:

S/No Candidate ID Name Aggregate
1 200256 Mahnoor Goraya 87.71969697
2 200055 Maira Hashmi 86.23863636
3 200076 Yusra Wajih 86.01515152
4 200079 Hamna Chughtai 85.95454545
5 200210 Hoor Irfan Khan 85.86363636
6 200238 Baseer Ahmed 85.84469697
7 200112 Iqra Ghazanfar 85.52272727
8 200172 Aiman Dilawar 84.68181818




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