UET Lahore is a public sector university working since last 100 years. UET Lahore provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduates programs to its applicants. UET Lahore was founded in 1921 under the name of Maclagan Engineering College, over the years name has been changed several times until it finally become University of Engineering and Technology in 1972. Its second campus was built in Taxila in 1975 which also become independent university in 1993. There are many colleges and institutes in Pakistan affiliated with UET Lahore and UET itself is affiliated with many well-known universities around the world. UET is ranked among top universities of Pakistan. Due to their hard work and almost experience of 100 years they have set very high standards for themselves. Every year thousands of students apply for UET but number of seats are very limited. Those who want to secure their admission in UET Lahore should work really hard for entry test.

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Undergraduate Programs Offered by the University

Sr.No. Program Title
1 BSc. Architectural Engineering
2 B. Architecture
3 BSc. Civil Engineering
4 BSc. City and Regional Planning
5 BSc. Computer Science
6 BSc. Computer Engineering
7 BSc. Electrical Engineering
8 BSc Geological Engineering
10 B.Sc Environmental Engineering
11 B.Sc. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
12 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
13 B.Sc Mechatronics & Control Engineering
14 BSc. Mining Engineering
15 B.Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
16 BSc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering
17 BSc. Product and Industrial Design
18 BSc. Polymer Engineering
19 B.Sc. Transportation Engineering
20 BSc. Chemical Engineering
21 BSc. Electrical Technology
22 B.Sc. Chemical Technology
23 B.Sc. Mechanical Technology
24 B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
25 BSc. Electrical Engineering
26 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
27 BSc. Electrical Engineering
28 BSc. Computer Science

Postgraduate Programs

Sr.No Program Title
1 Msc Building & Architectural
2 M.Sc. Integrated Building Design
3 M. Architecture
4 Mphil Water Resources Engineering
5 Mphil Water Resources Management
6 M.Sc../M.phil Engineering Hydrology
7 M.Sc.. Hydropower Engineering
8 M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
9 M.Phil Applied Chemistry
10 M.Sc. Geo Technical Engineering
11 M.Sc. Hydraulics Engineering
12 M.Sc. Structural Engineering.
13 M.Sc. City and Regional Planning
14 M.Sc. Community Development
15 M.Sc. Environmental Management
16 MS Computer Science
17 M.Sc. Computer Engineering
18 M.Sc. Electrical Engineering
19 M.Sc. Geological Engineering
20 MBA
21 M.Sc Environmental Engineering
22 M.Sc Engineering Management
23 M.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering
24 M.Phil. Applied Mathematics
25 M.Sc. Mechanical Design Engineering
26 M.Sc. Thermal Power Engineering
27 M.Sc. Automotive Engineering
28 M.Sc Mechatronics & Control Engineering
29 M.Sc. Mining Engineering
30 M.Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
31 M.Sc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering
32 M. Phil Applied Physics
33 M.Sc. Polymer & Process Engineering
34 M.Sc. Transportation Engineering
35 M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering
36 M.Sc. Water Resources Management
37 M.Sc. Electrical Engineering
38 M.Sc. Telecommunication and Networks
39 Ph.D Architecture
40 Ph. D Water Resources Engineering
41 Ph.D Water Resources Management
42 PhD .Engineering Hydrology
43 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
44 Ph.D. in Chemistry
45 Ph.D. Civil Engineering
46 Ph.D Computer Science
47 Ph.D Computer Engineering
48 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
49 Ph.D. Geological Engineering
50 Ph.D Environmental Engineering
51 Ph.D. Engineering Management
52 Ph.D. Manufacturing Engineering
53 Ph.D Mathematics
54 Ph.D Mechatronics & Control Engineering
55 Ph.D Mining Engineering
56 Ph.D Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
57 Ph.D Petroleum & Gas Engineering
58 Ph.D. in Physics
59 Ph.D. Transportation Engineering
60 Ph.D Building & Architecture Engineering
61 Ph.D Polymer Engineering
62 Ph.D City & Regional Planning
63 Ph.D Islamic Studies
64 PhD Mechanical Engineering




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