How should I choose between the Medical and Engineering Field?

#The confusion of medicine and engineering
# what to choose between medicine and engineering
# what is a better career choice?  Medicine or Engineering.

Medical Vs Engineering has always been a confusion when students are looking forward to choosing their career paths. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there are very limited options for students in public sector universities but the private sector is filled with multiple options. Thanks to the immense opportunities in both the field to which students get attracted and pursue their careers. According to a wise man, it is better for a man to listen to his or her inner voice at first before making any decision.

In Pakistan this decision is solely dependent on the Students ability to score in grade 10th (matriculation and O level Examination). This is solely the decision which can make or break a student’s dream. After scoring well in these examination students come to the point where they evaluate the pros and cons of both the fields. Evaluating job opportunities is also one important factor that all the students and their parents would like to give a thought to. Also, in Pakistan most of the families are biased in between choosing engineering and medical. Is one family having more people with Engineering Degrees they would like all others to follow the same path and vice versa.

In this fight between Engineering and Medical, It is observed that Engineering has been a popular choice in the countries abroad, as there are more engineering universities than medical ones.

This is not as easy as one two three to decide what to choose. Because the fields require completely different abilities let say, Engineering is more of understanding the phenomenon, being analytical, high intelligent quotient and many others. It requires students to be creative and innovative enough to drive something unique out of it.

Engineering is a popular choice may be because, after completing a Four-year program, students can get a job against a reasonable pay cheque. But for medicine it takes quite a long time as 6 to 8 years for completion of degree and specialization. Now after all this student starts to earn in this field.



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