Preparing for any exam is not hard we made it hard by taking stress. If anyone really wishes to study well for the NUST entrance exam, he/she needs to hit the textbooks because textbooks are the one source/notes which you have to go thoroughly to revise the concepts which you have already learned. In order to complete the exam with flying colors, students need to cover the ground. In order to be well prepared, students need to split the subjects into the amount of days left for the exam. Make Time table divide the subjects as per your capacity to study. Joining Academy won’t help instead go for online preparation.

If you are pinning hopes to clear NET with maximum marks online learning will help you. You will have total control over your environment of learning through ONLINE PREPARTION. As far as passing marks in the NET are concerned, there is no standard scale to calculate, but scores of more than 140 out of 200 marks will give you chances of admission.

Focus mostly on subjects with more weight. For example, there will be 80 math questions and 60 physics questions in the computer science test, followed by 30 chemistry/computer questions. So, for example, if you study well for math and physics and get 70 and 54 in it, you’ve already secured 124 points. If you are sure that you can manage 10 in chemistry and 5 in English with minimal preparation in the worst-case scenario, that amounts to about 140, decent marks without having to be the jack of all trades. This tip is about tactics and can only be used if the student is unprepared and short of time. Otherwise, play it safe and start planning well in advance.

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