Everything you need to know about NMDCAT/MDCAT Updated syllabus 2021, Fee structure, Registration link.

Being a doctor and assisting other people in an incredibly significant way is a dream of Pakistan’s many passionate students. But it is an aim in life that cannot be achieved without too much hard work and dedication.  It is important that one should keep in mind that hard work is not the only thing that is important, one should be smart enough to choose the better and most effective option for test preparation. As it is the most fundamental part of the admission process. This blog contains relevant information regarding admissions in Medicine in Pakistan:

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS):
NUMS entrance tests take place every year in the month of September and the applications start in the last week of August. Students can get admissions at NUMS once they clear the entrance test which comprises four major sections Physics, English, Biology, and Chemistry, all based on multiple-choice questions. One can also get admission to affiliated institutes such as CMH Lahore, Army Medical College, and Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences.

Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT):
This test takes place every year in the month of August and is conducted by the University of Health Sciences every year in August. It takes place every year on behalf of the Punjab government. This test is mandatory for many private and public medical institution admissions. The students are tested upon their ability to answer multiple-choice questions based on their knowledge related to various subjects including Biology, Chemistry, English language, and Mathematics. One is eligible to get into either of the institutes including King Edward Medical College, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, etc.

Find out more at https://www.pmc.gov.pk/

The Army Medical College (AMC):
The entrance tests for Army Medical College usually take place in July. Students have the option to either appear for the AMC test or NUMS test to get admission. An equal or above 75 percent score in FSC allows a student to sit for this examination. Lower than this percentage the students are not allowed to sit for this test. The test comprises Verbal, Nonverbal intelligence, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

National Aptitude Test (NAT):
This test is also very important for all the young and passionate students who are looking forward to providing their services as a doctor in the future. The students who clear NAT are also eligible to appear for NTS-affiliated medical colleges. NAT can be attempted multiple times as it takes place almost every month.

It is right to say that students are not only tested on their ability to solve mathematics or a physics-related multiple-choice question rather, their passion and dedication towards achieving their goal. It is also very important that students must choose wiser options and make smarter decisions when it comes to preparing for their entry tests. Don’t forget that time is the key. Here are a few guidelines as to how one can prepare better in less time for your MDCAT:

It is important to have a full master plan before you begin with anything that is this demanding as MBBS. It is always okay to deviate and change your path but you should always have one particular path to follow and achieve your goal. In MDCAT, this can only be done when you have proper course material, sample papers, mock tests, past papers, etc. Secondly, you need to make sure that you are using some great time management skills while you prepare. So, preparing for MDCAT is a mix of your in-depth understanding and time management skills.

Online preparation is also one of the key options for students nowadays, it is a blessing in disguise. In which you can access the entire data 24/7 in touch with your mobile phone screens. That is also at a much less price. www.pakprep.com has made life easier for almost 5000 students up till now and still heavily contributing for their students.

PMC has started Online Registration for National MDCAT 2021 on its Official Website.
Link: https://mdcat.pmc.gov.pk/Account/Login

National MDCAT Registration Fee is Rs. 6000.

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