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What options do you have if not MBBS or BDS?

There is a big number of student base when It comes to sitting in the entry test for MBBS and BDS. Every year thousands of male and female candidates sit for this exam and many of them fail to pass. Many students out of failure lose hope and, in the end, either discontinue their education paths or change their career paths considering the negative environment their families and the peer pressure around them creates for them.

These students do not try to go beyond these two fields; MBBS and BDS. If they do so there are many other fields that these students who have failed to pass the entry tests can apply and continue their career path in medicine. The purpose of this blog is to provide first-hand knowledge regarding the other fields that exist beyond BDS and MBBS.

These are 3 field choices for students who have secured 85% marks or above in Intermediate are:

  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Biotechnology

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)

Pharmacy doctor is the full form of Pharm-D which is the collegian courses completed within 5 years of study. This degree is related and concerned about handling medicine only. It is approved by Pakistan Pharmacy Council and its solely related to the fact that a particular drug is accepted as the drug of particular sickness. The students are taught and trained to study, test and create new medicine. The six months of house job is also compulsory after completing this degree.

Career in Pharmacy in Pakistan:

  • Consultant Pharmacists (Cons. Ph.)
  • Medicines Safety Manager (MSM)
  • Hospital Pharmacist (H Ph.)
  • Dispensary Manager (DM)
  • Dispensary Pharmacist (D Ph.)
  • Senior Clinical Pharmacists
  • Community Pharmacist (C Ph.)
  • Pharmacy Assistant (PA)
  • Clinical Pharmacist (CP)
  • Medicines Management Technician (MMT)

Institutes Offering BS Pharmacy in Pakistan

  • University of Karachi
  • Dow University of Health Sciences
  • University of Punjab
  • Jinnah Sindh Medical University
  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • The University Of Veterinary And Animal Science
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences
  • University Of Agriculture


Biotechnology In Pakistan:

The study of living organisms with the goal of converting them to useful products are known as Biotechnology. To give an example various diseases and viruses are created from the living and functioning micro organisms. With the mind-blowing advancement in recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid technology, biotechnologists are operating for artificial hormones, drugs, etc. So, biotechnology will become the next most attention grabbing field in the world in the coming future.

Career in Biotechnology in Pakistan

  • Research and development
  • Software engineering
  • Food, animal, and environmental science
  • Quality assurance/regulatory affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Clinical research
  • Business management
  • Project management
  • Government (policymaking)
  • Sales and technical support
  • Institutes offering BS in Biotechnology

Institutes offering a BS degree in Biotechnology in Pakistan:

  • Women University Azad Jammu &Kashmir-Bagh
  • The University Of Science &Technology-Bannu
  • University Of Malakand-Chakdara
  • Bacha Khan University-Charsadda
  • Gomal University-D.I. Khan
  • Government College University-Faisalabad
  • University Of Gujrat
  • International Islamic University-Islamabad
  • Quaid-e-Azam University-Islamabad
  • University Of Sindh-Jamshoro
  • Dow University Of Health Sciences-Karachi
  • Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology- Karachi
  • University Of Karachi
  • The University Of Management Sciences &Information Technology-Kotli
  • Government College University- Lahore
  • Kinnaird College For Women-Lahore
  • Lahore College For Women University-Lahore
  • University Of The Punjab-Lahore
  • The University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences-Lahore
  • Virtual University Of Pakistan-Lahore

Biochemistry in Pakistan:

Bio chemistry is an immense field of organic chemistry and the professionals of these fields are known as Bio Chemists. The study includes the functions of carbs, proteins, fats and different studies on genes and molecular basis. The biochemists work side by side with chemists and health care professionals still as engineers.

Scope of Biochemistry in Pakistan:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Forensic Science
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Research Institutes
  • Industrial Labs
  • Blood banks
  • Public Health services
  • Institutes offering BS in Biochemistry

Institutes offering a degree in Bio-chemistry

  1. Government College University – Faisalabad
  2. The University Of Agriculture – Faisalabad
  3. Kinnaird College For Women – Lahore
  4. Hazara University – Mansehra
  5. The University Of Baluchistan – Quetta
  6. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University – Quetta
  7. University Of The Punjab – Lahore
  8. The University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences – Lahore
  9. Quaid-e-Azam University – Islamabad
  10. University Of Karachi – Karachi

Other Fields of sciences

There are many completely different field choices for college students who don’t get into MBBS programs and have secured good in Intermediate. These fields are:

  • Veterinary – animal sciences
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diet and Nutritionist
  • Cardiac Perfusion
  • Optometry
  • Biomedical engineering


Engineering Admissions 2020 In Pakistan

Students are looking forward to getting admissions in engineering universities of Pakistan for the year 2020. The role of engineering universities is very much evident in a country like Pakistan where engineering and medical are the most valuable and talked about fields. It is important for engineering graduates to have these degrees in hand as they seek a handsome amount of pay cheques as they enter the job market.

We have a couple of important fields in engineering that many students look forward to. Which includes chemical engineering, electrical engineering and architecture engineering programs as well. It is right to say that the scope of these degrees is increasing everyday bringing in more opportunities for the students in Pakistan. The purpose of this blog is to provide the information regarding admissions in engineering universities, admission dates etc.

Students who have done FSC in pre-engineering and want to pursue this field of engineering then you need to make sure that you stay connected with us at We are an online test preparatory service that can help you get into your desired engineering-based universities in Pakistan.

Below are the links of the engineering-based universities in Pakistan

Institute of southern Punjab

BUITEMS admissions

GIFT University Gujranwala Admissions 2020

Lasbela University Admission 2020

University of Education Lahore Fall Admission 2020

NED University Karachi Undergraduate

Wah Engineering College Admission 2020

NUST Merit List year 2020

National university of Science and Technology is a well-known university for Engineering in Pakistan and all over the world. The admission test taken to get into this university is known as NUST Entry Test which is NET. The purpose of this blog is to provide information regarding NUST merit list to our valuable education seekers. The information provided in this blog may vary.

NUST conducts its entry test various times in a year so the merit lists are also issued for about 6 to 8 times in a year belonging to the multiple engineering disciplines NUST offers for Engineering students. This year as well this entry test was successfully conducted online (computer based) in Islamabad and paper based in Quetta and Karachi. From various sources it was announced that the merit list will be uploaded on fifteenth of the month of September’ 2020. Ideally the tests happen on time but this time paper-based tests are held on the eleventh of the month of September’ 2020. is an ultimate solution as all the students can easily get their desired admission updates, news updates and scholarship updates online. It is very easy if you just have to follow us at Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get first hand information. You can always email at to know about any query that you have. also provides the students with an online service which helps them to prepare for their entry tests based on engineering and medical fields.

It is recommended that you do self-preparation and afterwards purchase a full version of to test yourself as to how much you are prepared for the entry test as it provides you with all the analytics and log your answers and help you work on your weak areas.
Apart from this, NUST merit this year is out for various disciplines and is easily available online. The link is being added below.

National University of Science & Technology (NUST) announced Merit List of Undergraduate Programs on NET Basis for Admissions 2020.

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Ongoing pandemic (COVID19) and opening of schools in Pakistan

Observing the difficulty this COVID has imposed upon us, and the impact it has given to many countries around the globe. It can be seen that all these countries are at different levels to understand the situation and to reopen the schools.

In Pakistan, the Federal minister has announced September 15th as the tentative date to reopen the schools in Pakistan. Two provinces Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have considered this and have decided to stay firm with the decision. Although it is very difficult to handle such a situation where the lives of many including students, teachers and other people involved are at risk.

Since, this pandemic is not predicted to end soon, it is bringing in all the thoughts regarding how to bring in the students in classrooms with all the safety possible. Before opening all the institutions, it is very important that our policy makers take all the precautionary actions involved into consideration. An important consideration is that this fatal infection spreads more in the age group between 3 to 16 around the globe.

We also have to think that students might infect teachers as well at the end of the day. At the same time, we cannot ignore what has happened with the countries who decided to open schools during this pandemic and what were the results and precautions they took to make the environment safe for all the students in this pandemic.

Being realistic here scientists and doctors around the globe are working really hard to figure out as to when this pandemic will end or what is going to be the cure for this. However, there are a few studies that can be found helpful in order to understand the upcoming impact of this pandemic over children.

In a nutshell, it is important to understand that a country like Pakistan, which is not sufficient in its health-related resources, would not be able to digest another spill of this pandemic. As most of our people lie below the literacy rate and cannot afford to have treatments. It is advised that the government should take all the possible actions to make sure every school follows SOPs strictly.

Read more with the articles presented by UNICEF:

Personal Protective Equipment Worth $500,000 reach Pakistan’s front-line workers, thanks to Asian Development Bank’s Support to COVID-19 Response

The Government of Pakistan, UNICEF and WHO encourage people to adhere to Sops and reinforce preventive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Image is by Dawn.

Universities to apply for medicine in Pakistan with fee structure

It is right to begin with a thought that education is the backbone of any country and plays a vital role in the development of economy and society as a whole. Education in Pakistan is developing and is leading towards the improvement in lifestyle for the people in this country.

Graduate universities are producing professionals, who end up contributing for the welfare of the society. There are thousands of graduates who put in efforts of almost 9 years of their lives and end up being health professionals and provide their service for us.

All the universities and colleges of Pakistan are monitored by the separate Health departments of the respective provinces. Although the major holds for setting guidelines and ensuring education policies are in the hands of PMDC. MDCAT is the requirement for all the admissions that happen at the colleges and universities.

Following are the list of universities of Pakistan that offer degrees in medicine:

Institute City Degree, Duration Fee
1. Liaquat University Of Medical And Health Sciences Jamshoro MBBS , 5 Years 31900
2. Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 31900
3. Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
4. King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
5. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University Larkana BDS , 4 Years 31900
6. Nishtar Medical College / Nishter Hospital Multan MBBS , 5 Years 15630
7. Peoples University Of Medical And Health Sciences For Women Nawab Shah MBBS , 5 Years 60800
8. Bolan Medical College / Bolan Hospital Quetta MBBS , 5 Years 70000
9. Rawalpindi Medical College / General Hospital Rawalpindi MBBS , 5 Years 15630
10. Isra University/hospital Hyderabad MBBS , 5 Years 887000
11. Aga Khan University Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 1912700
12. Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 678785
13. Baqai Medical University/hospital Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 410000
14. Hamdard University Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 875700
15. Zia-ud-din Medical University Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 950000
16. University College Of Medicine And Dentistry Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 893550
17. Ayub Medical College / Ayub Hospital Abbottabad MBBS , 5 Years 200000
18. Quaid-e-azam Medical College / Victoria Hospital Bahawal Pur MBBS , 5 Years 15630
19. Bannu Medical College Bannu MBBS , 5 Years 0
20. D. G. Khan Medical College D.g.khan MBBS , 5 Years 15630
21. Gomal Medical College D.i. Khan MBBS , 5 Years 28655
22. Abwa Medical College Faisalabad MBBS , 5 Years 0
23. Punjab Medical College / Allied Hospital Faisalabad MBBS , 5 Years 15630
24. Gujranwala Medical College Gujranwala MBBS , 5 Years 15630
25. Nawaz Sharif Medical College [gujrat] Gujrat MBBS , 5 Years 50000
26. Fazaia Medical College Islamabad MBBS , 5 Years 700000
27. Federal Medical And Dental College Islamabad MBBS , 5 Years 24000
28. Foundation University Medical College Islamabad MBBS , 5 Years 630000
29. Bilawal Medical College Jamshoro MBBS , 5 Years 0
30. Dow International Medical College (ojha Campus) Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 31900
31. Dow Medical College (dmc Campus) Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 31900
32. Karachi Medical & Dental College / Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 32000
33. Shaheed Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto Medical College, Lyari Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 31900
34. Sindh Medical College / Jinnah Hospital Karachi MBBS , 5 Years 29000
35. Khairpur Medical College Khair Pur MBBS , 5 Years 38900
36. Allama Iqbal Medical College / Jinnah Hospital Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
37. Ameer Ud Din Medical College Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
38. Services Institute Of Medical Sciences Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
39. Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-nahayan Medical & Dental College Lahore MBBS , 5 Years 15630
40. Chandka Medical College / Dhq Hospital Larkana MBBS , 5 Years 31900
Bacha Khan Medical College Mardan MBBS , 5 Years 38950
42. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College Mir Pur (ajk) MBBS , 5 Years 0
43. Azad Jammu And Kashmir Medical College Muzaffarabad MBBS , 5 Years 37000
44. Nawab Shah Medical College For Women Nawab Shah MBBS , 5 Years 0
45. Nowshera Medical College Nowshera MBBS , 5 Years 0
46. Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar MBBS , 5 Years 110000
47. Khyber Medical College / Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar MBBS , 5 Years 110000
48. Sheikh Zayed Medical College/hospital Rahim Yar Khan MBBS , 5 Years 15630
49. Poonch Medical College Rawala Kot MBBS , 5 Years 0
50. Army Medical College / Cmh Rawalpindi MBBS , 5 Years 220000
51. Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal MBBS , 5 Years 15630
52. Saidu Medical College Saidu Sharif MBBS , 5 Years 15000
53. Sargodha Medical College Sargodha MBBS , 5 Years 74220
54. Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot MBBS , 5 Years 15630
55. Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi MBBS , 5 Years 0
56. Abbottabad International Medical College Abbottabad MBBS , 5 Years 650000
57. Frontier Medical College Abbottabad MBBS , 5 Years 360000
58. Women Medical And Dental College Abbottabad MBBS , 5 Years 920000
59. Aziz Fatimah Medical And Dental College Faisalabad MBBS , 5 Years 680000

The list continues as there are more than 500 universities offering medical studies in Pakistan.

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How should I choose between the Medical and Engineering Field?

#The confusion of medicine and engineering
# what to choose between medicine and engineering
# what is a better career choice?  Medicine or Engineering.

Medical Vs Engineering has always been a confusion when students are looking forward to choosing their career paths. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there are very limited options for students in public sector universities but the private sector is filled with multiple options. Thanks to the immense opportunities in both the field to which students get attracted and pursue their careers. According to a wise man, it is better for a man to listen to his or her inner voice at first before making any decision.

In Pakistan this decision is solely dependent on the Students ability to score in grade 10th (matriculation and O level Examination). This is solely the decision which can make or break a student’s dream. After scoring well in these examination students come to the point where they evaluate the pros and cons of both the fields. Evaluating job opportunities is also one important factor that all the students and their parents would like to give a thought to. Also, in Pakistan most of the families are biased in between choosing engineering and medical. Is one family having more people with Engineering Degrees they would like all others to follow the same path and vice versa.

In this fight between Engineering and Medical, It is observed that Engineering has been a popular choice in the countries abroad, as there are more engineering universities than medical ones.

This is not as easy as one two three to decide what to choose. Because the fields require completely different abilities let say, Engineering is more of understanding the phenomenon, being analytical, high intelligent quotient and many others. It requires students to be creative and innovative enough to drive something unique out of it.

Engineering is a popular choice may be because, after completing a Four-year program, students can get a job against a reasonable pay cheque. But for medicine it takes quite a long time as 6 to 8 years for completion of degree and specialization. Now after all this student starts to earn in this field.



What is NET? Why is NET important? What is the meaning of your NET result?

To all the students who have imagined themselves as successful graduates of NUST are well aware of this NET test. Which is essentially required to get admission in NUST. In this blog, we will discuss why NET is important, what score you should bag to get in.

NET stands for National Eligible Test, which is conducted at three locations, that is Islamabad (NUST Campus), Karachi and Quetta. At Islamabad the Test is conducted in computer-based format. In Karachi and Quetta, it is in paper-based format conducted in April & July.

First of all, you are allowed to appear in NET once you are done submitting your application. The tests results are out usually 10 days after the test happens. The test score is out of 200 marks, and comprises 200 MCQs. Let’s say if you attempt 100 MCQs and all of them are correct, you will end up scoring 100 marks. But regardless to mention, the 100 marks score is very low.

Score for Admission in Engineering:
A score above 110 is considered safe and you may get admission in some of the lower ranked courses. For Engineering, a score of 125 above is safe. Higher merit courses like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering require a safe score of 140 plus.

Score for Admission in Medical and Applied Bio Sciences:
For both Medical and Applied Bio Sciences a higher score is required, one should score 170 above to get into one of the degrees. The score of above or equal the 140 is acceptable for Applied Bio Sciences.

Score for Architect and Business Studies:
For Architect and Business Studies 130 is considered a safe score. The score for merit is decided once all the tests take place. The pattern of merit is almost the same every year. Which depends upon your rank out of the total students appeared for the test.

Information regarding weight age:


​Mathematics ​40%
Physics ​30%
​Chemistry                           ​15%
​English ​10%
​Intelligence ​5%


  • Candidates seeking admission in Engineering can also opt for admission in BS Mathematics, BS Physics and BS Chemistry programmes without payment of additional registration fee and appearing in a separate test.Merit of such candidates will be generated as follows: –

1.      Merit position for BS Mathematics will be calculated on the basis of score in Mathematics, English and Intelligence.

2.      Merit position for BS Physics will be calculated on the basis of score in Physics,

3.      Mathematics, English and Intelligence.

4.      Merit position for BS Chemistry will be calculated on the basis of score in Chemistry, English and Intelligence.

  • Candidates appearing in a separate test for BS Mathematics / BS Physics / B Chemistry, their merit will not be calculated on the basis of above-mentioned policy
  • This option is not applicable to DAE candidates

BS Computer Science

​Mathematics ​40%
​Physics ​30%
Computer Science      @   ​15%
​English ​10%
​Intelligence ​5%



1.      @ Candidates with Pre-Engineering background as declared in Online Registration Form will be given test of Chemistry instead of Computer Science.

2.      Candidates seeking admission in Computer Science can also opt for admission in BS Mathematics and BS Physics programmes without payment of additional registration fee and appearing in a separate test. Merit of such candidates will be generated as follows: –

  • Merit position for BS Mathematics will be calculated on the basis of score in Mathematics, English and Intelligence.
  • Merit position for BS Physics will be calculated on the basis of score in Physics, Mathematics, English and Intelligence.

3.      Candidates appearing in a separate test for BS Mathematics / BS Physics, their merit will not be calculated on the basis of above mentioned policy

BS Applied Biosciences

Biology                                              ​40%            
Chemistry ​30%
Physics                                                                                       ​15%
​English ​10%
​Intelligence ​5%


  • ·        Candidates seeking admission in BS Applied Bio sciences can also opt for admission in BS Chemistry programme without payment of additional registration fee and appearing in a separate test. For such like candidate’s merit position for BS Chemistry will be calculated on the basis of score in Chemistry, English and Intelligence.
  • ·     Candidates appearing in a separate test for BS Chemistry, their merit will not be calculated on the basis of above-mentioned policy

Business Studies / Social Sciences (BBA / BS Public Administration / BS Mass Communication / BS Economics / BS Psychology / BS Accounting & Finance / LLB (Hons)

English        ​40%           
Quantitative (Basic Mathematics)                                  ​40%
Intelligence ​20%

Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) / Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID)

Mathematics ​30%
Physics ​30%
English                                 ​25%
​Intelligence ​15%

 Merit of candidates appearing in test of BS Mathematics, BS Physics and BS Chemistry,

Will be generated on the basis of following: –

BS Mathematics

Mathematics                               ​85%        
English                                                                      ​10%
Intelligence ​5%

BS Physics

​Physics ​45%
Mathematics                                                             ​40%        
English ​10%
Intelligence ​5%


BS Chemistry

​Chemistry                             ​85%
English ​10%
Intelligence ​5%


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Image Courtesy : Dawn

What you should know about admissions in Medical Colleges (MDCAT)

Being a doctor and assisting other people in an incredibly significant way is a dream of Pakistan’s many passionate students. But it is an aim in life that cannot be achieved without too much hard work and dedication.  It is important that one should keep in mind that hard work is not the only thing which is important, one should be smart enough to choose the better and most effective option for test preparation. As it is the most fundamental part of the admission process. This blog contains relevant information regarding admissions in Medicine in Pakistan:

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS):
NUMS entrance tests take place every year in the month of September and the applications start in the last week of August. Students can get admissions at NUMS once they clear the entrance test which comprises four major sections Physics, English, Biology and Chemistry, all based on multiple choice questions. One can also get admission to affiliated institutes such as CMH Lahore, Army Medical College and Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences.

Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT):
This test takes place every year in the month of August and is conducted by the University of Health Sciences every year in August. It takes place every year on behalf of the Punjab government. This test is mandatory for many private and public medical institution admissions. The students are tested upon their ability to answer multiple choice questions based on their knowledge related to various subjects including Biology, Chemistry, English language and Mathematics. One is eligible to get into either of the institutes including King Edward Medical College, Fatima Jinnah medical College etc.

The Army Medical College (AMC):
The entrance tests for Army Medical College usually take place in July. Students have the option to either appear for the AMC test or NUMS test to get admission. Equal or above 75 percent score in FSC allows a student to sit for this examination. Lower than this percentage the students are not allowed to sit for this test. The test comprises Verbal, Nonverbal intelligence, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

National Aptitude test (NAT):
This test is also very important for all the young and passionate students who are looking forward to providing their services as a doctor in future. The students who clear NAT are also eligible to appear for NTS affiliated medical colleges. NAT can be attempted multiple times as it takes place almost every month.

It is right to say that students are not only tested on their ability to solve a mathematics or a physics related multiple choice question rather, their passion and dedication towards achieving their goal. It is also very important that students must choose wiser options and take smarter decisions when it comes to preparing for their entry tests. Don’t forget that time is the key. Here are a few guidelines as to how one can prepare better in less time for your MDCAT:

It is important to have a full master plan before you begin with anything that is this demanding as MBBS. It is always okay to deviate and change your path but you should always have one particular path to follow and achieve your goal. In MDCAT, this can only be done when you have proper course material, sample papers, mock tests, past papers etc. Secondly you need to make sure that you are using some great time management skills while you prepare. So, preparing for MDCAT is a mix of your in-depth understanding and time management skills.

Online preparation is also one of the key options for students nowadays, it is a blessing in disguise. In which you can access the entire data 24/7 in touch of your mobile phone screens. That is also at such less price. has made life easier for almost 5000 students up till now and still heavily contributing for their students.


All about Nust ; Admission Process, Admission Criteria and Degrees Offered

National University of Science and Technology also known as (NUST) is one of the top Engineering University of Pakistan. NUST provide vast range of undergraduate and Master’s programs for their students. Students across the country desire to get admission in NUST Engineering and Business studies programs. All students have to appear in the NUST Entry test known as NET test in order to get admission in Engineering, Business or other programs. NUST Entrance Test or also known as NET is held three times a year. It is recommended that students apply all three time and apply on the basis of best score.


  • Minimum 60% marks are required in SSC and HSSC.
  • Candidates after clearing FA/FSc part one can apply for test but their admission will be confirmed after part two result.
  • All non FSc candidates must have equivalence certificate issued by IBCC, with minimum 60% marks and relevant subjects.
  • Candidates of O/A Level can apply on the basis of equivalence certificate obtained from IBCC.
  • Merit for BS Applied Biosciences program will be based on complete FSc / A Level or equivalent qualification (as per IBCC Equivalence Certificate) result.
  • Academic qualification needed for different programs is as follow: –

​    Programs Offered




FSc Pre-Engineering Group
FSc Computer Science Group
FSc Pre-Medical with additional Math’s

BS Computer Science


FSc Pre-Engineering / Computer Science Group

BS Applied Biosciences



Fsc Pre-Medical Group

BBA, BS Economics, BS Mass Communication, BS Public Administration, BS Psychology HSSC with any combination

BS Accounting & Finance


HSSC with Math’s or Accounting and Finance or Accountancy as one of the major subjects.

BS Mathematics


HSSC with Math’s


BS Physics


FSc Pre-Engineering Group or Computer Science Group


BS Chemistry



FSc Pre-Engineering Group or Pre-Medical Group

Architecture and Industrial Design


​ FSc Pre-Engineering Group or Computer Science Group



  • ​Mathematics ​40% (80 mcqs)
  • ​Physics 30% (60 mcqs)
  • ​Chemistry 15% (30 mcqs)
  • ​English 10% (20 mcqs)
  • ​Intelligence 5% (10 mcqs)

Computer Science:

  • ​Mathematics 40% (80 mcqs)
  • ​Physics 30% (60 mcqs)
  • Computer Science 15% (30 mcqs)
  • ​English 10% (20 mcqs)
  • ​Intelligence 5% (10 mcqs)

 BS Applied Biosciences

  • Biology ​40% (80 mcqs)
  • Chemistry 30% (60 mcqs)
  • Physics 15% (30 mcqs)
  • ​English 10% (20 mcqs)
  • ​Intelligence 5% (10 mcqs)

Business Studies / Social Sciences

  • Verbal (English) ​40% (80 mcqs)
  • Quantitative (Mathematics) ​40% (80 mcqs)
  • Intelligence 20% (40 mcqs)


SAT Requirements for Various Disciplines


SAT Subject Test in

  • Mathematics Level-II
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

BS Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Software Engineering:

SAT Subject Test in

  • Mathematics Level-II
  • Physics

BS Mathematics

SAT Subject Test in:

  • Mathematics Level-II

BS Physics

SAT Subject Test in:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics Level-II

BS Chemistry

SAT Subject Test in:

  • Chemistry

BS Applied Biosciences

SAT Subject Test in

  • Biology (M)

B Architecture and B Industrial Design

SAT subject Test in

  • Mathematics Level II
  • Physics

Business Studies / Social Sciences:

  • SAT Test (SAT – I)

Visit and get registered by providing valid e-mail address.


Candidate will be allotted a login ID and password to access the online application form.

  • Fill the online form, upload recent passport size photograph (with plain background), and submit the form. Successful submission of form will be confirmed through an e-mail by NUST.
  • Re-Login to your account and print Fee Invoice for depositing processing fee from My Account page.
  • Candidates can deposit fee with any branch of HBL. Fee deposit will be verified through e-mail within 5 days of payment.
  • Candidates of computer-based test will have to choose Test Date and Session out of the available options.
    •  Allocation of Test Date and Session will be made on ‘First Come First Served’ basis.
  • Candidates of computer-based test will be allocated Roll Number, Test Centre, Test Session, Log-in ID and Password.
  • For Paper Based Test at Karachi and Quetta in April and July, candidates will be informed through email regarding printing of Admit Card containing exact time and Centre for Entry Test.
  • Candidates are required to print their Admit Cards and bring the same to the Test Centre along with Original CNIC / Family Registration Certificate / Passport / Original Matric / FSc certificate bearing photograph as proof for identification.
  • Candidates can appear more than once to improve their score. Best score will be picked by the system for merit generation.
    • Candidates can review their preference of choices after announcement of merit list. However, candidates can give application for change of preference, ONCE during selection process by applying through prescribed Performa. After this, request of change of preference will not be entertained.
    • Candidates will be required to confirm whether they want to stay in the allotted programme or would like to be considered for up-gradation. The seats becoming available as a result of drop-outs will be re-allocated and filled through the up-gradation of candidates who have confirmed their willingness by depositing admission dues in time.
    •  Candidates failing to deposit admission dues within the given time will not be considered for admission any further.
    • Closing merit of session 2019 for different programs will be available on the website for guidance
  • Admit Cards will be retained at the Test Centers for further verification.

Prepare for your NUST Entry Test in no Time

So now you are done deciding what profession you are going to opt in near future and yes, all the eyes at NUST. Make sure you prepare big, to achieve big. There are hundreds of our young and talented people who apply for NUST and only a few get in, make sure you are one of those who bag a seat this year. We have a few tips to give you which can make your life a lot easier while you prepare for your entry test.

Research is a must: It is very important to make sure that what you want to prepare and from where you should start? It is obvious that multiple sources are referred in order to create these entry tests. It is recommended that you identify the right sources of study and plan accordingly.

Go for early application and preparation: It is obvious when you start to prepare for something from an early time you get more space to plan your study and prepare. It is highly recommended that you strategize your study and go topic wise. Also, you are lucky if you apply for the applications early because mostly you can have three chances to pass the test.

Don’t waste time reading multiple books: It is highly recommended that preparation for NUST is a lot easier when you choose to solve past papers along with the solutions on a daily basis. It delivers a complete idea as to how you can achieve a better score and what type of questions appear in the final examination.

Be good at Time Management: It is obvious that one has to be good at time management, when he/she is practicing to solve the papers. If you don’t do that you will end up wasting a lot of it. is the ultimate solution: how will you feel if someone tells you that you can access all the past papers, track your analytics and solve all the questions just by registering online? Yes, has all that you want.