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NUST is one of the leading Engineering and Medical university in Pakistan. This blog has been initiated to spread information and insights on preparing for NUST Entry Test or NUST NET.


If you are willing to get into NUST then this blog post is just for you, read this page to get to know more and ace your NUST admission test :

  1. It’s really important here. During the test, you should remain calm and stay focused on the exam. If during the paper you encounter some hard question, simply mark it by clicking on it and resolving it later, thereby wasting less time and moving on to the next question.
  2. Work smart for Nust entry test syllabus. Focusing on the topics in the syllabus would help you save valuable time and concentrate your attention on the main items.

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Upcoming NTS Test Schedule 2020

National Testing Service is the abbreviation for NTS, which is a separate entity, responsible to test students on their education grounds. NTS manages the academic performance of the students under the education boards. National Testing Service operates in all areas when it comes to testing students or employees over academics’ background. It can be admission tests, recruitment tests or any other scholarship-based testing.

NTS is considered to be one of the standard services, used to test students on the basis of their skills and abilities. NTS is also considered as the basic test in order to get admission in any of the Public and Private universities in Pakistan. NTS NAT-1 test is conducted every month. There are 12 NAT-1 tests conducted in a year. NTS NAT 1, NAT 2 and GAT tests are conducted on different schedules. Students are informed with a schedule earlier so that they prepare and sit for the test at the announced date after preparation. Continue reading

Engineering Admissions 2020 In Pakistan

Students are looking forward to getting admissions in engineering universities of Pakistan for the year 2020. The role of engineering universities is very much evident in a country like Pakistan where engineering and medical are the most valuable and talked about fields. It is important for engineering graduates to have these degrees in hand as they seek a handsome amount of pay cheques as they enter the job market.

We have a couple of important fields in engineering that many students look forward to. Which includes chemical engineering, electrical engineering and architecture engineering programs as well. It is right to say that the scope of these degrees is increasing everyday bringing in more opportunities for the students in Pakistan. The purpose of this blog is to provide the information regarding admissions in engineering universities, admission dates etc.

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NUST Merit List year 2020

National university of Science and Technology is a well-known university for Engineering in Pakistan and all over the world. The admission test taken to get into this university is known as NUST Entry Test which is NET. The purpose of this blog is to provide information regarding NUST merit list to our valuable education seekers. The information provided in this blog may vary.

NUST conducts its entry test various times in a year so the merit lists are also issued for about 6 to 8 times in a year belonging to the multiple engineering disciplines NUST offers for Engineering students. This year as well this entry test was successfully conducted online (computer based) in Islamabad and paper based in Quetta and Karachi. From various sources it was announced that the merit list will be uploaded on fifteenth of the month of September’ 2020. Ideally the tests happen on time but this time paper-based tests are held on the eleventh of the month of September’ 2020.

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How should I choose between the Medical and Engineering Field?

#The confusion of medicine and engineering
# what to choose between medicine and engineering
# what is a better career choice?  Medicine or Engineering.

Medical Vs Engineering has always been a confusion when students are looking forward to choosing their career paths. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there are very limited options for students in public sector universities but the private sector is filled with multiple options. Thanks to the immense opportunities in both the field to which students get attracted and pursue their careers. According to a wise man, it is better for a man to listen to his or her inner voice at first before making any decision.

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What is NET? Why is NET important? What is the meaning of your NET result?

To all the students who have imagined themselves as successful graduates of NUST are well aware of this NET test. Which is essentially required to get admission in NUST. In this blog, we will discuss why NET is important, what score you should bag to get in.

NET stands for National Eligible Test, which is conducted at three locations, that is Islamabad (NUST Campus), Karachi and Quetta. At Islamabad the Test is conducted in computer-based format. In Karachi and Quetta, it is in paper-based format conducted in April & July.

First of all, you are allowed to appear in NET once you are done submitting your application. The tests results are out usually 10 days after the test happens. The test score is out of 200 marks, and comprises 200 MCQs. Let’s say if you attempt 100 MCQs and all of them are correct, you will end up scoring 100 marks. But regardless to mention, the 100 marks score is very low.

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