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Punjab UHS MCAT Entry Test Preparation

Khyber Medical University Peshawar announced the revised schedule for admission in Public sector medical and dental colleges of KPK.

Khyber Medical University Peshawar, announced the revised ,schedule for admission in Public,sector medical and dental colleges of KPK. The last date of form submission is 12 January, 2021.

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is considering retaking the MBBS and BDS exams of students who had failed them.

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is considering retaking the MBBS and BDS exams of students who had failed them.
The development comes after MBBS and BDS students staged a demonstration outside UHS earlier today with them demanding UHS to reorganize the exams, citing lack of preparation due to the Coronavirus pandemic as the reason behind their failure.

University of Health Sciences Planning to Retake MBBS and BDS Exams

Top 5 Medical Universities of Pakistan, 2020

This blog is solely for the people who are interested to know the top ten universities of Pakistan. As we can see that the number of medical educations providing institutes both universities and colleges are increasing in Pakistan. It is important that the institute provides best education followed by a strong professional career.

There are multiple universities in Pakistan but in this article, we will look at the medical universities ranked as top universities according to HEC.

The ranking criteria of these Universities were based on their:

  • The number of researchers published in each year.
  • High-quality assurance.
  • A number of teaching quality
  • Social integration
  • Finance
  • Facilities and community development.
  1. Agha Khan University

Agha Khan university also knowns as AKU is considered as one of the top Medical universities in Pakistan. AKU was established by Prince Agha Khan back in 1983 through Agha Khan Development Network. It is an independent research university in Karachi with its primary campus. There are more campuses around the world including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Afghanistan etc. Continue reading

MDCAT 2020, syllabus to be conducted by NUMS

The MBBS test, also known as medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) is conducted by Pakistan’s Medical Council (PMC) every year. The test is to be conducted in the second week of October’ 2020.

Students who wish to apply this year for the MBBS program must be looking forward to seeking help in order to know the syllabus for MDCAT 2020. There are  links in this blog where you can find complete syllabus including biology, chemistry, physics and English.
NUMS entry test takes place every year and it is the first and foremost step for students to get into NUMS affiliated Medical and Dental universities and colleges. This test is kept compulsory for both public and private sector universities.

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All you need to know about NUMS Upcoming Aptitude Tests 2020

The purpose of this blog is to assist all the medical students seeking admissions in NUMS affiliated colleges. It is a complete guide and provides all the information regarding syllabus, admission process, fees structure, past papers links etc.

This year as well there are no changes that have been made in the syllabus. Although the criteria for the students appearing in the exam will be “sixty percent marks in intermediate can sit in the exam”. Also, the passing score will be 120 out of 180 in the test taken with the time limit of 150 minutes.The test date announced by NUMS is

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What options do you have if not MBBS or BDS?

There is a big number of student base when It comes to sitting in the entry test for MBBS and BDS. Every year thousands of male and female candidates sit for this exam and many of them fail to pass. Many students out of failure lose hope and, in the end, either discontinue their education paths or change their career paths considering the negative environment their families and the peer pressure around them creates for them.

These students do not try to go beyond these two fields; MBBS and BDS. If they do so there are many other fields that these students who have failed to pass the entry tests can apply and continue their career path in medicine. The purpose of this blog is to provide first-hand knowledge regarding the other fields that exist beyond BDS and MBBS.

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