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NUMS has announced fifth merit list for AMC. AMC Fifth Merit List of Open Merit Seat/Foreign Seats for MBBS and BDS Admissions for 2018-19 session has been announced. In 2018 AMC merit is bit low as compared to last year, MBBS highest merit is 92.61038961 and lowest merit for MBBS is 88.61717172. Thousands of students applied for AMC through NUMS but only best among them are able to secure their admissions.

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Federal Medical and Dental College also known as FMDC is a public sector college in Islamabad. NUMS has announced fifth merit list for FMDC MBBS admissions. It offers MBBS admission for medical every year. There are only 100 seats in it every year, there test is conduct by NUMS. Every year thousands of students from all over Pakistan apply for this test but due to limited seats only few can secure admission. Only those students secured their admission who worked very hard throughout their academic career.

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AMC Tenth Merit List for MBBS and BDS (2017-18)

Army Medical College (AMC) announced tenth merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions for 2017-18 session. In tenth merit list the lowest merit for MBBS is 88.0180 and lowest merit for BDS is 87.9561. www.pakprep.com provides complete material for the preparation of AMC/NUMS. We have more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanations. Click here to start your preparation today. Here is the tenth merit list of AMC.
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NUMS Announced Seventh Merit List (foreign/Dual National/Overseas) for MBBS 2017-18

AMC Seventh Merit List of (Dual National) for MBBS 2017-18:

1 2772 Ahmad Abbas Zeb Raja Amjad Mahmood 87.9702
2 2124 Nur Ul Ain Gauhar Jamil 87.4833
3 1004 Aiman Zia Mohammad Iqbal 87.2390
4 5493 Abu Bakar Mohammad Farooq 88.3324
5 4055 Hamdan Malik Khalid Malik 87.6212

Seventh Merit List of (Dual National) for BDS 2017-18:

1 1482 Mohammad Muaz Rehman Saeed Ur Rehman 87.6212
2 4376 Abeer Mudassar Khawaja Khawaja Mudassar Iqbal 83.4386
3 6115 Syed Khurram Shahzad Syed Shahzad Hussain 83.4129
4 2753 Ali Jawwad Karim Jawwad Karim 83.2841
5 2870 Umme Ayman Shahzad Shahzad Anwar 83.0965
6 50 Munira Saify 82.7750

Mehreen Qasim, AMC (2016)

Army Medical College (AMC) Fifth Merit List for MBBS and BDS Amdissions

AMC Fifth Merit List for MBBS 2017-18

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 1524 Rehan Ali Shams Ul Haq Jatt 89.3131
2 1111 Alishba Ashraf Khan Muhammad Ashraf 89.3121
3 1043 Aqsa Anwar Muhammad Anwar 89.3101
4 1167 Umair Inayat Ullah Inayat Ullah 89.2465
5 2596 Muhammad Shehryar Hussain Maughis Ul Hassain 89.2273
6 1551 Fakeha Naweer Naseer Ahmed 89.2248
7 6501 Fizzah Zahid Zahid Nazir 89.1636
8 1481 Muhammad Hassan Moazzam Muhammad Moazzam 89.1566
9 1503 Fatima Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ahmad 89.1566
10 3121 Wisha Komal Abdul Shakoor 89.1303
11 658 Fareeha Kainaat Arif Muhammad Arif 89.1209
12 251 Saira Naz Abdul Hamed khan 89.1177
13 233 Shayan Khalid Khalid Faiz 89.1012
14 4477 Urwa Khalid Rana Khalid Latif khan 89.0990
15 1752 Muhammad Salman Afzal Muhammad Afzal 89.0968
16 1133 Muhammad Rehan Riaz Muhammad Riaz 89.0778
17 4469 Muhammad Bin Zubair Abdul Zubair 89.0545

AMC Fifth Merit List for BDS 2017-2018

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 3799 Maria Khalid Khalid Saif Ullah 89.0444
2 2248 Abbas Raza Syed Asad Raza Syed 89.0317
3 1748 Aftab Tawab Siddiqui Abdul Tawab Siddiqui 89.0253
4 317 Aqdas Qureshi Iftikhar Ahmed Qureshi 89.0232
5 3259 Fakeha Tariq Tariq Mehmood 88.9818
6 1225 Aamna Badar Badar Us Samee 88.9785
7 4074 Nabeeha Baseerat Muhammad Anwar 88.9778

AMC Fifth Merit List of (Dual National) for MBBS 2017-18:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 2042 Muhammad Musaab Anwer Tariq Mahmood Rana 89.6763

Fifth Merit List of (Dual National) for BDS 2017-18:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 5843 Zeemal Salah Uddin Salah Uddin 85.3992
2 5101 Abeera Babar Babar Amin 85.3076
3 6212 Khizra Saeed Muhammad Saeed 85.1674
4 4767 Maryam Akbar Akbar Ali 84.6826