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NUMS has announced third merit list for AMC. AMC Third Merit List of Foreign Seats for MBBS and BDS Admissions for 2018-19 session has been announced. In 2018 AMC merit is bit low as compared to last year, MBBS highest merit is 92.66212121 and lowest merit for MBBS is 87.41363636. However in BDS admissions highest merit is 86.86590909 and lowest merit for BDS is 84.75487013. They also uploaded FMDC third merit list only for KPK MBBS.

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Eighth Merit List for MBBS and BDS Admissions in Army Medical College (AMC)

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) announced eighth merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions in Army Medical College (AMC) for 2017-18 session. In eighth merit list the lowest merit for MBBS is 88.2768 and lowest merit for BDS is 88.2000. www.pakprep.com provides complete material for the preparation of AMC/NUMS. We have more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanations. Click here to start your preparation today. Here is the eighth merit list of AMC.
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Army Medical College (AMC) Third Merit List for 2017-18 Session

AMC Third Merit List for MBBS

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 1932 Usama Afzaal Muhammad Afzaal 89.6616
2 5543 Summan Zahra Muhammad Ali 89.6545
3 1513 Maria Javaid Javaid Hussain Bhutta 86.6232
4 5031 Noman Arif Muhammad Arif 86.6101
5 734 Jawad Ahmad Khawaja Muhammad Ahmad 89.6061
6 5231 Summan Khan Mukhtar Hussain 89.6061
7 3899 Muhammad Ali Bajwa Hafiz Asghar Ali 89.6039
8 266 Maryam Arshad Muhammad Arshad 89.5818
9 2451 Talha Aziz Dhillon Muhammad Aziz Dhillon 89.5182
10 1725 Hafsa Aamir Aamir Inam 89.5045

AMC Third Merit List  for BDS 2017-2018

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 5244 Sareen Shahid Muhammad Shahid 89.4949
2 307 Syed Muhammad Musa Ali Syed Mahamid Asghar 89.4931
3 160 Bilal Shoukat Awan Shoukat Ali Awan 89.4651
4 32 Manahil Ajaz Ajaz Ahmad Sheikh 89.4641
5 1997 Ushna Khan Muhammad Iqbal Khan 89.3833
6 3605 Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Karaim Ghulam Qadir 89.3727
7 847 Muhammad Muaaz Masud Chaudhary Muhammad khalid Masud 89.3667

AMC Third Merit List of (Dual National) for MBBS:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 3763 Sana Amir Mohammad Amir 90.1379
2 2253 Sana Ahmed Shakeel Ahmed 90.0697
3 151 Mehroze Ahmed Chaudhry Tariq Ahmed Chaudhry 89.7212

Third Merit List of (Dual National) for BDS:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 3104 Muhammad Talhah Hashmi Muhammad Muddassir 87.1909
2 951 Anosha Fayyaz Muhammad Fayyaz Zia 87.1434
3 4816 Fatima Hayat Shafqat Hayat 86.6737
4 3725 Hamza Mustufa Khan Abdus Salam Khan 86.4790
5 6491 Hanan Ahmed Ahmed Yousef 86.0629