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LUMS is an outstanding place to read, explore and transform. You have the right to ask questions here, challenge ordinary creativity and ignite it. With innovative ideas, we seek out bright and curious minds to build an inspiring group of leaders and change-makers.

In 2001, LUMS initiated its National Outreach Programme (NOP) to spread the advantages of world-class education to talented students across Pakistan, rendering it a truly national university.

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List of Private and Public Sector Medical Colleges of Sindh recognized by PMDC

Sindh has nine (9) public sector medical colleges and fourteen (14) private sector medical colleges that are recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Entry test for public sector medical colleges is conducted through Sindh MCAT, which is very competitive. As the seats are very limited in Sindh public and private medical colleges, so candidates have to prepare well to get good score in Sindh MCAT. Pakprep.com provides complete preparation work for Sindh Medical Colleges Test. For your preparation Click here. Here is the complete list of PMDC recognized government and private medical colleges along with the number of seats in each college.
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English Comprehension MCQs from Pakprep.com

Good news for pakprep.com community!!! English comprehension MCQs are the latest addition to the Pakprep.com database. Pakprep,com is continuously improving its database of 10,000 plus MCQs in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and English. We have covered various types of comprehension MCQs that appear in the actual entrance tests of Engineering and Medical colleges in Pakistan. All comprehension MCQs are organized as easy, medium or hard level. Like all other MCQs on Pakprep.com all comprehension MCQs are explained. Register Today for Free!!!
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Accredited Engineering Colleges & Universities in Islamabad, Pakistan

Choosing right engineering university is very important for your career. Some of the top engineering programs in Pakistan like NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, FAST, LUMS, PIEAS etc are very competitive. If you do not get admission in top tier universities, make sure that you join an engineering university that has an accredited program. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is the regulatory authority for the accredition of engineering program. In Islamabad 21 engineering colleges are accredited by PEC with total of 43 engineering programs. You must note that not all programs of a university might be accredited.
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List of Accredited Engineering Universities & Colleges in Punjab

When you are applying for an Engineering degree it is important to ensure that the degree is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The recognition not only ensures the quality of the university or college but may also be important for applying for certain jobs especially in the Government sector. Note that a university may be accredited by PEC but all of its programs might not be accredited. So be careful. There are 44 accredited engineering institutions in Punjab. Total number of accredited engineering programs are 121. Here is the list of accredited universities in Punjab as of December 2014. This list is regularly updated by PEC, so refere to their website for further details.
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