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Pakprep.com is well furnished with all material which is supportive for students to prepare for leading engineering and medical college entry tests like NUST, GKI, UET, UHS MCAT, Sindh MCAT, ETEA, PIEAS, NED, ECAT etc. Pakprep.com contains more than 15000 solved MCQ’s along with explanation prepared by experienced teachers. We have more than 500 successful students from last year who got admission in different universities after preparing from Pakprep.com. We also provide facility of past papers to our students. We have past papers of many big universities which helps students to understand structure of entry test and difficulty of MCQ’s. Students can also take MOCK test from our website which are prepared and marked according to different universities standards. Smart analytics will help students to identify their weak areas and keep a separate log of all their mistakes. To start your preparation today with Pakprep.com please CLICK HERE.


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Air University Announced Undergraduate Admission 2016

Air University announced undergraduate admission. Last date for submission of Application is 25th May, 2016.Entry test will be help on 30th and 31st of May. Candidates with FSC Pre- Engineering can apply. All students are eligible to apply admission in Air University if you have 60% marks in FSC. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation. For more details please see advertisement bellow.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Prepare for 2016 Entry Tests Through Pakprep.com

Many students have asked us the advantage of www.Pakprep.com over conventional entry test preparation methods for engineering and medical colleges in Pakistan. Pakprep.com is the online entry test preparation system for leading engineering and medical college entry tests like NUST, GKI, UET, UHS MCAT, Sindh MCAT, ETEA, PIEAS, NED, ECAT etc. It is a professionally developed online system. It is not just a mere database of 15,000+ solved MCQs (although that in itself is a great feat.) Here are the 10 reasons why you should use Pakprep.com for entry test preparation for year 2016. Register today for a free trial at www.Pakprep.com
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Important Physics Topics for NUST Entry Test (NET) 2016

NUST Admission is based on NUST Entry Test (NET) that has MCQs of Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths. NUST is a high ranking engineering university in Pakistan. Admission to NUST is very competitive as each year thousands of students apply for admission to NUST. Please note that NUST does not give official preference to any topic of Physics in Entry Test. Physics MCQs can come from any topic from the FSc or A levels syllabus. Given that the NUST Entry Test (NET) is very competitive we recommend you to prepare all Fsc topics of Physics from Pakprep.com syllabus. However, if you are short of time these topics tend to appear more than others.
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Join Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet 2016

Pakistan Navy has announced the test date for PN Cadets. This is opportunity to join Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet. Registration has started from 26th of October and will last till 13th of November. Test would be held on 22th of November Test for PN Cadets would be based on MCQs type test, which includes Intelligence test and Academic test. You can start you test preparation today using Pakprep.com. Register Here for free!!!!. Here are further details on how to apply.
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Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan – Entrance Test Preparation

This is the time of the year when all FSc and A levels students would be gearing up for admission in engineering and medical colleges in Pakistan. Every one aspires to get into the top university. HEC provides the rankings of engineering and medical universities in Pakistan. Here is the list of top 10 Engineering universities in Pakistan. Prepare for their entry tests through Pakprep.com – the best online system for entry test preparation.
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Important Integration Formulas for GIKI, NUST NET, KPK ETEA, FAST, UET, NED and PIEAS Entry Tests.

If you want to succeed in engineering, you must be good at solving Integration problems. That is why NUST NET, GIKI entry test, FAST entry test, KPK ETEA, UET entry test, Punjab ECAT, NED entry test, PIEAS entry test, MAJU entry test, IIU entry test and entry tests for other leading engineering universities in Pakistan regularly feature integration MCQs from FSc part II syllabus. We highly recommend that you remember all of the following integration formulas for your entry test.  Continue reading

Important Trigonometry Formulas for NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, ETEA Entry Tests 2015

If you are applying for NUST, GIKI, UET, NED, ETEA, FAST entry test 2015 or entry tests of other leading engineering universities in Pakistan, you should be good at maths. In the past all entry tests of Pakistani engineering universities have featured MCQs from Trigonometry. Therefore, prepare your self well on trigonometry MCQs by practicing online though www,pakprep.com that has more than 400 trigonometry MCQs. One of the tricks is to remember all the important trigonometry formulas. Here is the list of formulas that should be at your finger tips,
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Should I Join any Coaching Center or Academy for NUST, GIKI, MCAT, UET, PIEAS, NED Entry test preparation?

A major question that comes to any student’s minds while preparing for entry test is: should I join any academy or center for preparation? Here is the article that echoes some of the suggestions given by a NUSTIAN. A straight away answer is that you are much better off on your own even better if you have a loyal friend by your side or a good book or a good preparation source. Here are the reasons Why?
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Tricks and Tips for Attempting MCQs

All major medical and engineering universities in Pakistan require students to appear in the MCQ type entry test that generally test the conceptual understanding of FSc or A level syllabus. The test generally has Physics MCQs, Chemistry MCQs, Maths MCQs, Biology MCQs and English MCQs.
Here are some of the tips for attempting MCQs in the entry tests.
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