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National University of Medical Sciences also known as NUMS registration dates are not announced yet but expected to be announced in couple of weeks. NUMS test consists of 180 marks which are divided as;

  • Biology 70 MCQ’s
  • Physics 45 MCQ’s
  • Chemistry 45 MCQ’s
  • English 20 MCQ’s

There is no negative marking in NUMS test. NUMS test is one of the toughest medical tests of Pakistan and every year there aggregate is very high, reason being students from all over Pakistan can apply for this test. Students who wish to secure a seat in medical collages affiliated with NUMS need to work very hard and should give their 100% for this test.

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NUMS Merit List Of Open Merit Seats For MBBS and BDS Admissions 2017

NUMS last year merit list of open merit seats for MBBS and BDS admissions. NUMS highest merit for AMC is 93.0051 and lowest merit is 90.0496. www.pakprep.com provide complete preparation material for Medical colleges admissions.  We have more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation. To start your preparation click here. Here is the merit list of MBBS & BDS for Army Medical College (AMC). Continue reading

National University Of Medical Sciences (NUMS) 2018

National University of Medical Sciences is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is a very prestigious institute of Pakistan, founded in 2015. Many students appear 8 very well-known universities are affiliated with NUMS which are:
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NTS/NAT Announced Registration Dates

National Testing Service (NTS) is an organization that conducts tests for admissions, scholarships etc. It is conducted by a board of directors of NTS. NTS has been successfully holding tests for around fourteen years now and plays a major role in promoting merit and quality education at college and university level. NTS works hard to build and promote standards in educational and professional testing and assessment. The registration for NTS/NAT has been started. You must register yourself before Wednesday 21st February 18. The role number slips will dispatched on Thursday 1st March 18. The test will be conducted on Sunday 11th March 18. www.Pakprep.com have many successful student in every NAT test. We provide the best platform for the preparation which includes 15000+ fully explained MCQs by which you can score excellent marks in NAT. CLICK HERE for free registration. Continue reading

National University of Medical Science (NUMS) 2018

National university of medical sciences (NUMS) was founded in the year 2015. It is a Federal Public Sector University. The President of Pakistan serves as the Chancellor of the university and Chief of Army Staff as the Vice Chancellor. NUMS provides a wide variety of research oriented opportunities in the fields of Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary Sciences etc. The University might be new and is still growing but it provides the latest and advanced Medical Research. NUMS provide research Led studies by amazing professionals who ensure the work is carried out professionally, in a disciplined environment and that can be internationally recognized and can benefit the country. www.Pakprep.com gives you a platform where you can study as well as clear your concepts in a proper way by the given explanations. You can study online 15000+ fully explained MCQ’s with the help of which you can secure your admissions. FOR FREE REGISTRATION CLICK HERE.
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AMC Tenth Merit List for MBBS and BDS (2017-18)

Army Medical College (AMC) announced tenth merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions for 2017-18 session. In tenth merit list the lowest merit for MBBS is 88.0180 and lowest merit for BDS is 87.9561. www.pakprep.com provides complete material for the preparation of AMC/NUMS. We have more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanations. Click here to start your preparation today. Here is the tenth merit list of AMC.
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NUMS Announced Seventh Merit List (foreign/Dual National/Overseas) for MBBS 2017-18

AMC Seventh Merit List of (Dual National) for MBBS 2017-18:

1 2772 Ahmad Abbas Zeb Raja Amjad Mahmood 87.9702
2 2124 Nur Ul Ain Gauhar Jamil 87.4833
3 1004 Aiman Zia Mohammad Iqbal 87.2390
4 5493 Abu Bakar Mohammad Farooq 88.3324
5 4055 Hamdan Malik Khalid Malik 87.6212

Seventh Merit List of (Dual National) for BDS 2017-18:

1 1482 Mohammad Muaz Rehman Saeed Ur Rehman 87.6212
2 4376 Abeer Mudassar Khawaja Khawaja Mudassar Iqbal 83.4386
3 6115 Syed Khurram Shahzad Syed Shahzad Hussain 83.4129
4 2753 Ali Jawwad Karim Jawwad Karim 83.2841
5 2870 Umme Ayman Shahzad Shahzad Anwar 83.0965
6 50 Munira Saify 82.7750

Mehreen Qasim, AMC (2016)

Eighth Merit List for MBBS and BDS Admissions in Army Medical College (AMC)

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) announced eighth merit list for MBBS and BDS admissions in Army Medical College (AMC) for 2017-18 session. In eighth merit list the lowest merit for MBBS is 88.2768 and lowest merit for BDS is 88.2000. www.pakprep.com provides complete material for the preparation of AMC/NUMS. We have more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanations. Click here to start your preparation today. Here is the eighth merit list of AMC.
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AMC Seventh Merit List for MBBS and BDS Admissions

AMC Seventh Merit List for MBBS 2017-18

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 2242 Amna Ahmed Zulfiqat Ahmed Khan 88.8687
2 1522 Daima Zainab Muhammad Asif 88.8545
3 6283 Irfan Sajid Sajid Halim 88.8525
4 5749 Usama Ejaz Muhammad Ejaz 88.8455
5 5439 Laiba Ehsan Muhammad Ehsan 88.8071
6 1368 Roshaan Tufail Muhammad Tufail Raja 88.8059
7 6144 Hooria Hanif Sheikh Muhammad Hanif 88.8040
8 1434 Ahmad Asim Muhammad Khalil ur Rehman 88.7921
9 1705 Ammad Ud Din Waqar Ud Din 88.7848
10 2206 Humna Rashid Rashid Masood 88.7749
11 1719 Muhammad Umar Muhammad naeem 88.7667
12 6432 Shahroz Ahmad Jamil Muhammad Jamil 88.7626
13 2930 Rida Mehmood Khalid Mehmood Akhtar 88.7273
14 2147 Tahreem Noor Hafiz Ahmad Nawaz  
15 3412 Maham Fatima Muhammad Amjad Aqeel 88.7170
16 292 Mohammad Yousaf Masood Shahid Masood 88.7101
17 3830 Asma Zaheer Muhammad Zaheer 88.6908
18 2099 Muhammad Fraz Shahid Shahid Yaqub 88.6798
19 1201 Muhammad Kashif Sultan Muhammad Ali 88.6788
20 2807 Hadia Sajjad Muhammad Sajjad 88.6677
21 3736 Ihsan Ullah Zulfiqar Hussain Naroo 88.6576
22 1076 Akasha Masud Jehangir Masud Cheema 88.6440

AMC Seventh Merit List for BDS 2017-2018

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 1496 Amna Minam Saleem Shahid 88.6101
2 2978 Bushra Amir Amir Mahmood 88.6071
3 2067 Neha Shahzad Rana Shahzad Ahmed Khan 88.5795
4 4240 Ifrah Majeed Abdul Majeed Tahir 88.5707
5 6637 Muhammad Talal Safdar Safdar Hussain 88.5263
6 6436 Usman Saeed Muhammad Saeed 88.5141
7 3854 Tehmina Naz Muhammad Ashfaq 88.4892

Mehreen Qasim, AMC (2016)

Army Medical College (AMC) Third Merit List for 2017-18 Session

AMC Third Merit List for MBBS

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 1932 Usama Afzaal Muhammad Afzaal 89.6616
2 5543 Summan Zahra Muhammad Ali 89.6545
3 1513 Maria Javaid Javaid Hussain Bhutta 86.6232
4 5031 Noman Arif Muhammad Arif 86.6101
5 734 Jawad Ahmad Khawaja Muhammad Ahmad 89.6061
6 5231 Summan Khan Mukhtar Hussain 89.6061
7 3899 Muhammad Ali Bajwa Hafiz Asghar Ali 89.6039
8 266 Maryam Arshad Muhammad Arshad 89.5818
9 2451 Talha Aziz Dhillon Muhammad Aziz Dhillon 89.5182
10 1725 Hafsa Aamir Aamir Inam 89.5045

AMC Third Merit List  for BDS 2017-2018

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 5244 Sareen Shahid Muhammad Shahid 89.4949
2 307 Syed Muhammad Musa Ali Syed Mahamid Asghar 89.4931
3 160 Bilal Shoukat Awan Shoukat Ali Awan 89.4651
4 32 Manahil Ajaz Ajaz Ahmad Sheikh 89.4641
5 1997 Ushna Khan Muhammad Iqbal Khan 89.3833
6 3605 Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Karaim Ghulam Qadir 89.3727
7 847 Muhammad Muaaz Masud Chaudhary Muhammad khalid Masud 89.3667

AMC Third Merit List of (Dual National) for MBBS:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 3763 Sana Amir Mohammad Amir 90.1379
2 2253 Sana Ahmed Shakeel Ahmed 90.0697
3 151 Mehroze Ahmed Chaudhry Tariq Ahmed Chaudhry 89.7212

Third Merit List of (Dual National) for BDS:

S.NO Candidate ID Name Father Name Aggregate
1 3104 Muhammad Talhah Hashmi Muhammad Muddassir 87.1909
2 951 Anosha Fayyaz Muhammad Fayyaz Zia 87.1434
3 4816 Fatima Hayat Shafqat Hayat 86.6737
4 3725 Hamza Mustufa Khan Abdus Salam Khan 86.4790
5 6491 Hanan Ahmed Ahmed Yousef 86.0629