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  • Visit https://ugadmissions.nust.edu.pk and get registered by providing valid e-mail address.
  • Candidate will be allotted a login ID and password to access the online application form.
  • Fill the online form, upload recent passport size photograph not more than one-month-old (with plain background), and submit the form. Successful submission of form will be confirmed through an e-mail by NUST.

To prepare for your entry test online for free please register on the link https://pakprep.com/account/register.aspx

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Some Insane Tips on passing the NUST Entry Test NET I 2 3

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Tips and advice from those who have passed the NUST ENTRY TEST! < meta description>

There is only one thing that is on a student’s mind when he is done with FSC/HSSC, to get into a reputed university.

Getting into the prestigious NUST is not an easy task. In order to be admitted, one must demonstrate remarkable intelligence and dedication through a series of rigorous tests. If you’re in need of some help on how to prepare for these grueling exams, don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Some frequently asked questions about NUST entry test:

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NUST NET 3 Postponed till further notice, NUST NET III 2021 Complete guide, links,dates,fees etc.

If we talk about prestigious universities of Pakistan, we will surely find the name of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in it. Every student’s dream is to take admission is here but it’s not easy to get in. After getting good grades the next step is NET which is conducted by NUST to get admission.


NUST NET III POSTPONED till further instructions.

NUST takes multiple test in a year to give a chance to students to improve their marks before the admission dates get closed. NET is valid for one academic year. After one year you have to give NET again for admission.

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Preparing for any exam is not hard we made it hard by taking stress. If anyone really wishes to study well for the NUST entrance exam, he/she needs to hit the textbooks because textbooks are the one source/notes which you have to go thoroughly to revise the concepts which you have already learned. In order to complete the exam with flying colors, students need to cover the ground. In order to be well prepared, students need to split the subjects into the amount of days left for the exam. Make Time table divide the subjects as per your capacity to study. Joining Academy won’t help instead go for online preparation.

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NUST Entrance Test (Series 2) registration deadline has been extended

NUST Entrance Test (Series 2) registration deadline has been extended till March 05, 2021.


If you are willing to get into NUST then this blog post is just for you, read this page to get to know more and ace your NUST admission test :

  1. It’s really important here. During the test, you should remain calm and stay focused on the exam. If during the paper you encounter some hard question, simply mark it by clicking on it and resolving it later, thereby wasting less time and moving on to the next question.
  2. Work smart for Nust entry test syllabus. Focusing on the topics in the syllabus would help you save valuable time and concentrate your attention on the main items.

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Quality and excellence symbolize NUST. Its spirited professors, hard-working students and excellent support facilities provide an intellectual atmosphere that is found only in the best universities in the world

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Prepare for your NUST Entry Test in no Time

So now you are done deciding what profession you are going to opt in near future and yes, all the eyes at NUST. Make sure you prepare big, to achieve big. There are hundreds of our young and talented people who apply for NUST and only a few get in, make sure you are one of those who bag a seat this year. We have a few tips to give you which can make your life a lot easier while you prepare for your entry test.

Research is a must: It is very important to make sure that what you want to prepare and from where you should start? It is obvious that multiple sources are referred in order to create these entry tests. It is recommended that you identify the right sources of study and plan accordingly.

Go for early application and preparation: It is obvious when you start to prepare for something from an early time you get more space to plan your study and prepare. It is highly recommended that you strategize your study and go topic wise. Also, you are lucky if you apply for the applications early because mostly you can have three chances to pass the test.

Don’t waste time reading multiple books: It is highly recommended that preparation for NUST is a lot easier when you choose to solve past papers along with the solutions on a daily basis. It delivers a complete idea as to how you can achieve a better score and what type of questions appear in the final examination.

Be good at Time Management: It is obvious that one has to be good at time management, when he/she is practicing to solve the papers. If you don’t do that you will end up wasting a lot of it.

Pakprep.com is the ultimate solution: how will you feel if someone tells you that you can access all the past papers, track your analytics and solve all the questions just by registering online? Yes, pakprep.com has all that you want.


National University of Sciences and Technology NUST very well-known and top rated engineering university of Pakistan. NUST was founded in 1991 with mission of providing quality education and invest in research. So far in a very short period of time they are able to earn very good name in world. NUST provides wide range of programs to accommodate students from every field which also includes engineering programs offered to DAE candidates. Due to their high standards their fee structure is also high, but for poor people they have scholarship facilities (Need based Scholarship). Minimum 60% marks are required to become eligible for NUST NET test. Every year thousands of students apply for NUST NET, all candidates should work very hard to get admission in NUST.

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Pakprep.com is well furnished with all material which is supportive for students to prepare for leading engineering and medical college entry tests like NUST, GKI, UET, UHS MCAT, Sindh MCAT, ETEA, PIEAS, NED, ECAT etc. Pakprep.com contains more than 15000 solved MCQ’s along with explanation prepared by experienced teachers. We have more than 1000 successful students from last year who got admission in different universities after preparing from Pakprep.com. We also provide facility of past papers to our students. We have past papers of many big universities which helps students to understand structure of entry test and difficulty of MCQ’s. Students can also take MOCK test from our website which are prepared and marked according to different universities standards. Smart analytics will help students to identify their weak areas and keep a separate log of all their mistakes. To start your preparation today with Pakprep.com please CLICK HERE.

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