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Some Insane Tips on passing the NUST Entry Test NET I 2 3

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There is only one thing that is on a student’s mind when he is done with FSC/HSSC, to get into a reputed university.

Getting into the prestigious NUST is not an easy task. In order to be admitted, one must demonstrate remarkable intelligence and dedication through a series of rigorous tests. If you’re in need of some help on how to prepare for these grueling exams, don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Some frequently asked questions about NUST entry test:

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Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad
Admissions Fall 2021
Sector: Public
Last Date to Apply: 05 July, 2021

For accurate and authentic information regarding the MDCAT, or PMC in general, please refer to the website and official social media accounts only.
Link: http://pmc.gov.pk

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Preparing for NUST ENTRY TEST (NET-3) 2021

NUST is one of Pakistan’s most renowned universities. Considering this, the entrance test for NUST is quite competitive because students from all over the country apply each year. But in this blog, we will summarize valuable details about this year’s NET-3 Entry Exam for Undergraduate Students.

NET is Nust Entry Test . Net-3 online registrations are planned from 19th April till 10th June 2021. This is divided into 2 phase in Islamabad Phase-I from 28 May 2021 onwards and Phase-II from 02 Jul 2021 onwards. For Karachi and Quetta July 2021 (tentatively).

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If we talk about prestigious universities of Pakistan we will surely find the name of National University of Science and Technology in it. Every student’s dream is to take admission is here but it’s not easy to get in .After getting good grades the next step is NET which is conducted by NUST to get admission.

NUST takes multiple test in a year to give a chance to students to improve their marks before the admission dates get closed. NET is valid for one academic year. After one year you have to give NET again for admission.

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Preparing for any exam is not hard we made it hard by taking stress. If anyone really wishes to study well for the NUST entrance exam, he/she needs to hit the textbooks because textbooks are the one source/notes which you have to go thoroughly to revise the concepts which you have already learned. In order to complete the exam with flying colors, students need to cover the ground. In order to be well prepared, students need to split the subjects into the amount of days left for the exam. Make Time table divide the subjects as per your capacity to study. Joining Academy won’t help instead go for online preparation.

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NUST Entrance Test (Series 2) registration deadline has been extended

NUST Entrance Test (Series 2) registration deadline has been extended till March 05, 2021.


Quality and excellence symbolize NUST. Its spirited professors, hard-working students and excellent support facilities provide an intellectual atmosphere that is found only in the best universities in the world

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Upcoming NTS Test Schedule 2020

National Testing Service is the abbreviation for NTS, which is a separate entity, responsible to test students on their education grounds. NTS manages the academic performance of the students under the education boards. National Testing Service operates in all areas when it comes to testing students or employees over academics’ background. It can be admission tests, recruitment tests or any other scholarship-based testing.

NTS is considered to be one of the standard services, used to test students on the basis of their skills and abilities. NTS is also considered as the basic test in order to get admission in any of the Public and Private universities in Pakistan. NTS NAT-1 test is conducted every month. There are 12 NAT-1 tests conducted in a year. NTS NAT 1, NAT 2 and GAT tests are conducted on different schedules. Students are informed with a schedule earlier so that they prepare and sit for the test at the announced date after preparation. Continue reading